Tuesday, March 15, 2011

In need of a smile?

Just in case you have been having a bit of an off week...
I have unselfishly decided to share with you my favorite means of cheering up: adorable baby pictures of Chubbs McPhee...
Ahhhh, Chubbs...how I do love you
Even when you try to pull out your teeth,
chew on everything in sight
or just generally look guilty from the constant mischief you create
(Raise your hand if you are a trouble maker)
Seriously, after some chuddles and smiles from you the stress just floats away
it's like magic.

I hope you can feel a bit of the cheering up magic through these pics! Happy Tuesday!

The beautiful new bow that Chubbs is sporting is courtesy of Kelly Joy Boutique. Check out her Etsy shop full of adorable things!


  1. Love the leggings. And are those real shoes I see on her feet?? Yay!!

  2. Wow - love the photos! I can't believe how well she is standing! Too Cool!!

  3. She is just so sweet! Sutter does the same thing with his bottom teeth...I swear one day he's going to pull the sting so hard they will snap right off. Crazy babies...I mean toddlers! :)

  4. Adorable, adorable outfit! And I especially love the pic of Addison raising her hand. :-)

  5. Such a sweetie! I just love the picture of Addison raising her hand...way too cute!

  6. did you purposely coordinate her with the furniture for the pics? nice touch!

  7. Thanks so much for making our day and sharing Addison with us! We love the headband and the outfit! Mostly, we LOVE CHUBBS!(Becky)

    CHUBBS is so CUTE I LOVE her to and
    I hope to see her soon! Love, Anna

  8. Love the raise your hand if you are a trouble maker picture, lol, that really made me laugh! And I adore her little black shoes...Seeing pictures of chubbsy all dressed up looking so cute makes me want another little girl...ahh, well, hopefully my sisters baby due in June is a girl...I can dress her up :)

  9. Mine, too!!!!!!!!!!!!! OH.MY.WORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You should charge to read this blog!!

  10. Love the pictures!!! love how the leggings look with those adorable shoes! Can't wait to hopefully come and visit this summer!- Bekka

  11. She is absolutely adorable. She has got to be the best dressed baby ever. Love her.

  12. Oh my word, she is adorable! So stinkin' cute!! Thanks for the shout out! :)


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