Thursday, March 10, 2011

Crying Over Spilled Milk?

When you spill a large quantity of milk all over your jeans (in the worst area possible) while driving to work (I admit, it might be time to retire the eating breakfast while I drive to work tradition)

and when your husband determines that the appropriate amount of time to wait between the "Please bring me a different pair of jeans" phone call and actual arrival time is.....5 hours

and when you reek like a gallon on milk gone bad by the time he finally delivers

and when you find yourself so dizzy from the smell that you have a hard time actually teaching all day

and when you spend needless time during office hours worrying that people hate your posts when they never comment (so silly, but it did cross my mind while sitting in my soiled milk jeans, came with the mood)

and when you stop by Walmart on the way home to use a $5 promotional gift card to get a great deal on diapers and discover that the gift card expired three months ago. (Really? I thought gifts cards no longer expire?)

and when you finally get home and your precious baby reaches out for a hug, grabs onto your favorite necklace, pulls viciously and breaks it....laughing at your shocked expression

and when your repenting husband attempts to make amends by picking up craved pizza from Dominos and they "lost" your order so it takes forever long to actually get it

and when said Dominos pizza finally gets here it tastes like sawdust to these pregnant taste buds...

When all of these things happen on the same day...

There is only one thing left to do.

(Note, this picture is so blurry because by the time I took it my hand was shaking a bit from dark chocolate hunger)

After a few dozen of these bad boys....things really start to look up. Medicinal, really.
Chubbs agrees.

It makes even the worst of days just seem like something to laugh at while you recline on the couch and enjoy the smooth, creamy taste of a Bliss dark chocolate

while you think of valuable ways to use the guilt that your husband feels to your advantage in the near future.

Eating this dark chocolate immediately transports me to my happy place.

Why cry over spilled milk? Milk is, after all, one of the ingredients in these dark chocolate bites of heaven. I highly recommend dark chocolate therapy. It is doing wonders for my spirit today.

Dear Hershey- if you would like to send me a box or ten of these bags, I would gladly do a promotional post for you...I know you would jump at the chance to be featured on this small but comfortable blog (a lot like your chocolates, you have to admit) I can be very persuasive when I need to be...

I think I'm going to have to stock up on these in my office at could have saved today hours ago if I had only known...

gotta go- there's still some chocolate left in the bag that I need to get to before Chubbs discovers them...


  1. For starters Bliss chocolates are by far the best out there...I refuse to keep them in my house! Secondly I would have cried too, those are the types of days you wish you would have just stayed in bed! I think this post inspired me to keep a change of clothes for me in my car...I have one for the boys and their cups have lids! :)

    Hope tomorrow is a better day and that Chubb's saved you a piece of chocolate!

  2. I so enjoyed your sweet post. That darling little chocolate munchkin is so adorable!!

  3. So sorry but as you say don't cry over spilled milk tomorrow is another day that the Lord will make

  4. haha! we all have days like that...
    and I think I told you before, statistics show that only 1-3% of readers actually comment...
    and I love you, isn't that enough?

  5. oh, and the captchas might have something to do with a lack of comments...many people find them annoying so they don't bother...

  6. Love the Chubbs chocolate face! Oh, and those candies are my favorite kind of chocolate, your post makes me want to go out and buy a bag! I agree with "Not a Perfect Mom" above, a lot of people don't like th catchas so they won't comment, I took that feature off of my blog and haven't noticed an increase in spam or any wierd comments :-)

  7. Well, I love reading your posts, sorry I don't comment more. :) I always laugh when I read your blog.

  8. I've not tried that kind of chocolate yet but I've tried LOTS of other kinds. Hmmm -- I'll put this kind on the list. Hope Wal-Mart carries it.
    Deanna, I read your blog regularly and it is my reward after I have done some work in my office and need a wonderful break. You always give me that. I don't always write a comment. I would rather write a comment than grade some essays on THE AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF BENJAMIN FRANKLIN but since this is my semester with six preps and two new books, I have to be "the slave of duty" to use a Gilbert & Sullivan phrase. Today I went to Greenville Tech to hear Dr. Dan Dreisbach who teaches Constitutional History at American University in DC. He spoke on the First Amendment and religion. Dan is my only Rhodes Scholar and the only grad. from a SC Technical College ever to be a Rhodes Scholar. I had Danny in third grade as an mk in Africa and again at BJA. Tonight I went to the Greenville Country Club for a reception in his honor. I shouldn't have gone tonight I had too much to do because I'm now just in my office doing what I should have done earlier. My students ask me all the time why I don't have a blog or post on facebook. I do have some interesting days but sometimes I'd say "went home; walked Owen Dickens; too tired to cook so popped popcorn for supper; graded papers; read the WALLS STREET JOURNAL so I might be able to answer student questions about now with some degree of intelligence. Went to bed! Yipee!" I do a lot more thinking about you, Aaron, and Addison and praying for you then responding on your blog but I am a REGULAR reader and I love you LOTS.

  9. I just wanted to add that chocolate makes happy babies.So eat away.Seriously....I read that somewhere and I have found it to be true.:)My sister in law asked when my last baby was a few months old how much chocolate I ATE my baby was so smiley.I said I would never tell but it was ALOT!!!!So far this pregnancy ,chocolate has not tasted good I am a little worried about this.We are living on meat!!~Nikki

  10. wow! I know what you mean about the comments! I love all your posts and look fwd to more!

    Sounds like a tough day to say the least. The preggo hormones might be taking over.

    I eat breakfast while driving too and actually spilled cereal (with milk) on the passenger seat of my then new car. Not cool. I am usually apologizing to ppl for the crust oatmeal bowl too :)

  11. LOL...Wow, your day was worse than mine!!! Here's to hoping tomorrow is better :)

  12. Awww...I KNEW Chubbs was a kindred spirit!!! I HAVE to have large Costco bags of various chocolate on hand at all times, so feel free to stop in and raid the pantry!

  13. Seriously, did Aaron not learn his lesson from before when you locked him out of the house??

  14. Ohhh, Bliss are the BEST, especially the white chocolate ones...
    Love the pic! What a cutie! Thanks for visiting my blog. Following you now... :-)

  15. HAHA! deanna - this is my fave post so far...! =)


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