Monday, March 14, 2011


I'm taking a short time out to type out my day so far. I feel that the soothing sounds of clicking keys might be therapeutic to my troubled soul

because it's been a crazy day and nothing like I'd anticipated, and I'm feeling faint and rebellious at the fact that it's not over yet.

This morning Addison had her big cardiology appointment at the hospital. I don't know about your Pediatric cardiology departments, but for us, appointments are hard to get, so they schedule them for us and send us a notice in the mail. We make it work, somehow.

Well, today's appointment coincided with a day of work. sigh. So, I canceled my first block class and had plans to be back at work at 11:30 after dropping Addison back off at home. Her appointment was at 8:30, so even though the hospital back to home was a good 20 minutes and home back to work was another half an hour, I felt pretty confident- relaxed even- about this plan.

Well, it all started this morning when we were about to walk out the door and I had a short vomiting episode. Addison waited for me patiently, but I was ticked that we were going to be a couple of minutes late. By the time my stomach was clear, I grabbed my one cup of coffee and hit the door. My stomach was still too unsettled for breakfast- I figured we would be back home by 10 at the latest and I could eat then.

Well, I called the hospital to let them know that we would be late, hung up and then got stuck in miles of completely stopped traffic from an accident that totally blocked the two lane road. I couldn't turn around- even if I did, the other way to the hospital would take so much longer by this point, so I was forced to wait it out.

Long story short- we sat there for 30 minutes not moving at all. I called the hospital to let them know and they got quite snippy with me and told me that they were going to go with the next patient so that when we finally got there we might not even have an appointment anymore. I got snippy right back and said yes we would because this extreme tardiness was not my fault and I canceled work for this. (Note: it wasn't my best moment)

Anywhoo, we finally got moving, got to the appointment and they fit us right in even with only a few minutes of waiting although we were 45 minutes late. (I figured our good history of being on time with the cardiologist had to lend us some credibility) Oh, and the receptionist who was so snippy over the phone apparently looked up the accident during the appointment (because she obviously didn't believe me) and apologized to me when we came back out. Apparently it was a three car accident- one of them had flipped over and rolled a ways.

Where was I- oh yes, the appointment. Yeah, it went great. We're weaning Addison off the last of her medicines and both of her heart devices look really wonderful, and they were super pleased with her progress. Her loud breathing is purely a respiratory issue- something to run by her Pediatrician.

After the echo, EKG and countless other things that make up a cardio appointment were finished, we were sent on our way with the instructions to come back in nine months.

I looked at my watch and realized that with the appointment time delay, I didn't have time to take Addison home and then make it to work on time. I tried to call our PCA to see if she could meet me at work or whatever, and I couldn't get a hold of her. (turns out, she gave me her number one digit off. oops)

So, I ended up taking Addison to high school...with none of my school stuff...with not even time to stop and find some lunch. (Yes, I was still running on just the one cup of coffee)

So, I taught an hour and a half class while soothing my child who wanted to play all over the dirty floor while at the same time imparting wisdom to my beginning piano class. It was exhausting. This was Chubbs' nap time, but she was so overstimulated, she wouldn't even shut those pretty blue eyes for a second.

Finally, during my break before my last class, who showed up in my office? My husband wearing work clothes, and pretty much a sight for sore eyes, but my knight in shining armor. The only thing that would have made his reception better would have been if he had brought me some food. Cup off coffee wasn't doing much for me and the baby anymore.

He took Addison home and I finished teaching, but by this point was pretty faint and cranky and wanted to just find a spot on the dirty floor that I had just prohibited my daughter from and take a nice long nap.

In 45 minutes, I teach another lesson and then run back to school for a band rehearsal. I just want to crawl up in a ball and sleep. But, on a positive note, while I was typing this, I consumed a large bowl of Life cereal with fresh strawberries, so I'm feeling much better...just tired.

After this whiny post, I feel that I must conclude on a positive note (no pun intended):

1. I am thankful that I threw up on my way out the door even though it made me late because that accident was just a few minutes in front of me. I would rather have had this miserable day than been in a car accident with Chubbs that involved a rolling car.

2. I am thankful that Aaron came and got Addison

3. I am thankful that I did not pass out while teaching my last class. (The stars were a constant haze in front of me)

4. I am thankful that when I got home, I curled up with Addison in bed and took a short nap.

5. I am thankful for Addison's good heart report.

6. I am thankful that even days like today can't last forever

7. I am thankful....for the rest of those Dove chocolates that I hid from Aaron and Addison. Yet again my sneakiness pays off...

OK, I feel much better after typing this....I will work on summoning the energy to finish my day...perhaps some more fresh strawberries with help with that...


  1. It sounds like you need that long bath you were recommending to me a couple of weeks ago. And you get tomorrow off, right? Sounds like a good day to cuddle with Addison, take another bath, and watch lots of tv.

  2. what is with cardio appts today? I had to cancel one of B's therapies today, drove an hour to her cardio just to be told that the doc was running late (he wasn't even there yet, like 2 hours after office opened) and I'd be waiting. well, I have kids to pick up, blah blah we rescheduled for 2 weeks, with the promise that I'd get right and out...
    but why didn't she call me? 2 hours late the doc was...WTF?
    okay, I'm better now
    oh, but this was about you...
    okay, happy your day went better and go stick a granola bar in your bag for emergencies (I know, it's like closing the barn door after the horse got out, but just in case)

  3. Prayed for you today - so grateful that the respiratory issue is nothing more serious! Grateful that God protected you - even though He had to use nausea to do that!!

  4. I know it's late, but congratulations on your pregnancy! Sounds like a terribly long, frustration, just survive it kind of day. Hope it ends well for you.

  5. I am thankful that you were able to see the silver lining emerge from those clouds. God is good -- always!
    I am to have check ups with both of my eye specialists for my corneas: the staff from EACH offie called to tell me that my appointment was canceled because the drs. schedule had changed. Of course they rescheduled me -- both for the VERY SAME TIME -- and also when I'm teaching. The initial appointments were carefully arranged to allow me to teach and see the drs. So I had to change things again. The scheduler said, "What in the WORLD do YOU do for a living that your schedule is so TIGHT?" I wanted to say: "Well, I just work with the PUBLIC. I AM A TEACHER" but I just told her I taught and MWF schedule was impossible for an appointment this semester so we'd have to wait until school was out to do unless I could get in T=Th. It is good to know that God orders our starts and our stops, isn't it?
    Thank Aaron for his call last night and the great update on going to Potts' wedding with the 13 hour trip and the wait at the border, the landscaping update, and all the other stuff. It was good to talk to him. And I am glad he is your knight in shining armor and am glad Chubbs sees her Daddy this way and know she will continue to -- even when he puts her in Carharts or has lawn clippings in the cuffs of his trousers as sometimes happens in summer! :-)

  6. Even though it sounds like a very stressful day, I glad the cardio appt was good, once you finally got there!


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