Sunday, February 20, 2011

Step. away from the Clutter

So the past few days, I have found myself busy perusing children's clearance racks and tucking away adorable clothes for Chubbs to hopefully fit into next fall and winter. With her though, it's so hard to tell. Will she finally get a big growth spurt, or will she stay tiny??? Who's to know. So I gambled with a few 18 month and 24 month things, hoping that we will have some cute things to clothe her in come the next cold season.

One of the favorite things that I picked up was this Gymboree hat....big, because it's for next winter, but I couldn't resist giving it a try. (-:
Also- the tutu skirt with attached leggings I have been watching for all winter. Finally, I found one on my clearance hunts at Children's Place.
Also this weekend- we have been working hard on standing independently.
Saturday morning before we headed out to shop, I was holding her hands and barely giving her any support at all. She looked curiously down at her feet as if discovering them for the first time, looked back up at me, and then took a step all on her own! I was so amazed because we haven't worked on steps at all- I thought we should wait until she could stand more independently. But she knew what to do and did it! She did it several more times that day when I placed her a step away from a desired toy (I know, mean Mommy)
I know she's still a long way from walking, but this was so encouraging to see that she has the desire to walk and move even if she doesn't have the skill level to do it yet.
When I told her therapist team at her one year eval that one goal I had for her was to be cruising somewhat by the fall- they all but laughed at me. I don't know if she will be, but we'll work our little hearts out and celebrate every tiny accomplishment along the way. YAY for taking her very first step!
So I have this week off of work for winter break, and I'm trying to convince myself to do some much, much needed white glove cleaning around my house. If you have any snarky comments to help motivate me, I welcome your long as they comments aren't mean (I'm a somewhat sensitive clutterholic)- I just need a push to get started. What motivates you to deep clean your house from top to bottom?

My older sister is a neat freak (love you) and we used to share a room growing up. That was such a disaster. I enjoy creative clutter; I determined early on that it is my right as a free spirit (ha). Anyway, almost every day, she would get the urge to scrub our room down until it sparkled. Then, invariably, she would bring our parents up to see her work. What did our parents always see? The oohed and aahed over an amazingly clean room...with Deanna's bed piled high with everything of hers that had been scattered around the room. I always, always lost with that competition. I didn't even have a chance. boohoo. It was always then so much harder to put everything away since it seemed so overwhelming, so I would re-scatter it and the vicious cycle would start all over again. It's amazing that we both survived those room sharing days.

Sigh. Oh sweet older sister, if you could come visit me this week and do your magic on my house- I won't even care that you're messing with all of my clutter- just this once. (-:


  1. LOL- ok I'll come clean your house. :)Adorable pictures of Addison by the way. Love the hat!- you older sis ;)

  2. It helps me to picture it getting done or write a list (that I procrastinate on because I hate lists, but it does help when I finally do it). Also I tell myself to do it right away and get it done and then I can go do something fun.

    Yay on the steps! Awesome news. Cute pics and hat. She is so sweet.

  3. Okay, first I have to laugh because I'm the very clean, organized older sister in our family and my sister teases me ALL the time! Everything has a place and I hate clutter...maybe it's an older sister thing!

    Second, that hat and tutu are to die for cute! I went and stocked up for Landon next winter this weekend too! I have all of Landon's hand-me-downs for Sutter, but I was buying size 4's for Landon...such good deals, I got a few pairs of pants for less than $3!

    Third, I'm not laughing because I think she can cruise by this fall....set the bar high and let her prove them wrong!

  4. way to go on taking a step! and good luck cleaning ....i, too, am the older sister so like your sis i am a bit ocd about cleaning ;) but as i have gotten older and even more since i have had miss maggie , i have learned to let it go a bit more! and cute hat :)

  5. You find Addison the most adorable clothes!! And Yaay for the first step, thats so exciting! She is doing awesome with standing...Thats what me and Russell are working on right now too, standing, stepping, all that good stuff...And who knows what Addison will be doing by fall, she is doing fantastic right now, so cruising doesnt seem so far fetched to me!
    Oh, I laughed reading about your neat freak older sister, hahaha, thats what I am!! My sister and I grew up sharing a room and she was the complete opposite of me...She enjoyed the mess...I dont know how either of us survived sharing a room for all those years either!!

  6. Addison is so cute, I LOVE HER. And is she playing with her teddy bear? Love, Anna

  7. Love her tutu!
    Have nine more kids...that's my suggestion. It will force you to de-clutter. There won't be room for extra "stuff" !! ;)

  8. I love the tutu with legs!! I was just at Children's place and didn't see any of those...

    On the PT side, we are working on steps before we work on standing independently. The reason is that Pat says standing independently will get boring if kids aren't able to do something with this position.


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