Thursday, February 17, 2011

shoes, naked vest, drunk baby

We found a solution to our shoe problem, thanks to an awesome birthday gift (Thank you from the two cute little brothers on her boyfriend list): Robeez shoes. They arrived yesterday and Addison wore them ALL day...they totally stayed on even though they are still a little bit big. This is a shot of what I saw while out doing some pre-doctor's appointment shopping. Such an adorable shopping buddy. (-: (While giving shout outs, must say that we love the new stroller from the Grandparents...another awesome b-day gift)

Love, love love the new shoes.
Note to self: don't let doctor's schedule appointments at 1:30 in the afternoon...totally during naptime. This is what happened in the waiting room...and then ten minutes later we had to totally undress her to get a weight.

She was surprisingly a good sport.

A ball of energy after her mere 20 minute power nap
She rocks the puffy vest only if only it was a practical look. (-:
This is her birthday gift from her Aunt Bekka....she loves it!

OK, so she insists on feeding herself her own bottle...and I admit that sometimes it is the last thing that she does in the day (I realize that this is horrible and we are trying to wean away from it but when you have such huge eating issues as Addison do whatever she will cooperate with...) Anyway, one night I came in to see this:
I feel that she looks a bit like a drunk, sprawled out clutching a bottle...horrible thought, but it made me laugh. (notice the torn bumper pads and disorganized mess....she likes to wreck havoc in her crib before actually falling asleep...maybe part of the drunken rampage?)

Today's appointment went well- won't get results until tomorrow. I did learn that the rash signs that I am supposed to be watching for are totally different than the rash signs that I thought I was supposed to be looking for. Oops.

I'm waiting for the doctor's phone call, I'm waiting for an email back from an agent who requested to see part of my book earlier this week....I HATE TO WAIT, but I find myself doing a lot of it these days. I would say that it is character building, but I merely find myself biting at the bit. Just another thing to work on.

This post wasn't nearly as racy as you thought it would be based on the title, was it? (-:


  1. Such a cutie, love the vest only look! Is the rash you are looking for petichiae? It's a sign of low platelets. I think if she has them you would know, like we did with Emily, they are tiny red dots that are not raised at all and they seem to come and go, they aren't itchy or anything, we noticed them first on Emily's forearms and shins. Hoping the results come out great!

  2. I really thought that I should be looking for more of a rash look- raised, itchy etc. I had no idea about the red dots until the doctor today pointed them out on Addison. I had asked our Pediatrician a few months back for a picture of what I should be looking for and he couldn't find one so he just described it and I got totally the wrong idea. I feel so silly. At least now I know the right thing to watch for these next months.

  3. Addison is just down right adorable!

  4. Addison looks huge in her new stroller. She is growing a lot. She is definately ready for spring with her new shoes.

    God job everybody!



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