Tuesday, February 22, 2011


After a full morning of grocery shopping and a long nap...Chubbs and Mommy decided to pick up with some more housework.....Addison insisted today that she not be left out. After all, how young is too young to start helping out around the house? When I told her that she could help me, she got pretty excited.
Mopping the kitchen floor was on today's agenda...
So I strapped her up

put her in her allotted space...and told her just to crawl around and that the sponges would do all of the work.

She thought it was all fun and games at first

But started to get a bit of cold feet as she could hear strains of "Signing Time" coming in through the living room and she thought about how much easier it would be to just watch her movie, put her feet up, eat snacks and watch Mommy do all of the work.

After only a slight hesitation, she cheerfully did her part...now if only we could get Daddy as on board with helping out around the house...it could be like the dynamic cleaning team...

for some reason, it wasn't as much fun when there wasn't anything to chase on the floor...(-:
LOL. Before you click off my blog to look up the phone number for social services in Vermont....I didn't actually put any soaps on the floor. I was concerned she might inhale some chemicals, so I just used her sponges to pick up any excess dirt that the sweeping may have missed. (-: Now if they would make baby safe cleaning products...I think this idea could be marketable....Can you imagine? It would be like a mopping roomba....but instead of a robot it would be a baby. What would we call it? Roomby. Babymba. Imop....Child Abuse.

On a totally different note...

Addison still hates to sit in the grocery cart. Today she got super cranky and then fell into a light sleep....effectively squishing a loaf of bread. I didn't do the cheater thing and replace the bread with a fresh loaf before checking out...I took the loaf that my baby had squished and decided that those sandwiches would be extra yummy because Chubbs had blessed the loaf. (-:
Seriously, is Motherhood supposed to be this much fun?


  1. Haha, this was great!! You always write the funniest things to go with Addisons pictures, cracks me up everytime!

  2. Funniest post yet...seriously cracked me up!

    Have you tried sitting her sideways in the seat...you couldn't strap her in but her back would be where the rattle/ball are and her legs would lay across the seat rather than stick out the holes...I've sat both boys that way when they weren't ready to sit the intended way and it works! I think maybe it feels a little more secure since there isn't as much open spaces on either side of them!

  3. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. This is awesome! And I love her happy smile!

  5. just saw this post today after yesterday,'s and it literally cracks me up. Her smiles and giggles are soooooo big and adorable!!!


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