Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Check it out

The blog world is a funny one.

Some people type a couple of craftily worded sentences, hit "Publish Post" and thousands of people laugh and comment.

Other people write a couple of craftily worded sentences, hit "Publish Post" and a handful of people may read it and the writer might get a comment from their mother. (thanks, mom)

And then these are millions of blogs somewhere in between those two. I suppose it has to do with what the goal of your blog is and how much time you can put into it to make it awesome.

I wouldn't flatter myself to say that my blog is awesome. On some days it is barely average OK.

But I'm OK with that. Because it's a safe place for me to come and share myself with whoever is crazy/patient enough to listen. I don't blog to impress or convince people that my blog is the greatest. It is just a new mom who faces the same scary days, great days and frustrating days that all of the other new moms face....with a couple of extra twists and turns added in that earns me the title "Special Needs Mom". This blog has helped me get through all of those days.

Somedays I come to this blog to speak to whoever might be reading to pass along something great that one of my blogging friends is up to- and that is today. I am writing to once again point you in the direction of my friend Patti's blog.

Patti is an amazing mom who has put so much effort into getting her blog out there. Why? For the sake of these orphans who have seemingly no one else to advocate for them. Patti sacrifices so much to help these babies, cast aside because of their differences. You would be doing yourself a favor to checkout her beautiful blog. (take tissues if you're going to read Lily's birth stories)

I am writing specifically to point you to her last post Pure Love Giveaway. Please take a moment to read it, and help make a difference if you at all can.

I may or may not be making a huge difference in the world as far as Down syndrome awareness, but if I can help make the difference in one orphan's life through helping with fundraisers such as Patti's....then this blog will be worth something.

I hear Addison laughing in the other room with I can't spend any more time on this post or on reflecting what my blog is worth...have to find out what those two are plotting behind my back...

Please check it out: Pure Love Giveaway

p.s. you can win some really, really great prizes at this giveaway
p.s.s. if any of you win the camera.....did I mention how fabulous you are looking today?

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  1. Patti does do a great job with her blog, but I think we all make a difference in just sharing our kids with the world. I do need to get Patti's secret for keeping up with 109 kids and 2 blogs...I have a hard time with my 1 kid and 1 blog!


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