Sunday, February 6, 2011

Birthday Pictures

One year ago today Addison Lynnette Smith was born. One year ago today at 10:40 pm.

I am more than thankful for this past year. Being Addison's mother has been God's greatest gift to me in life by far. I have a video montage from this past year to share with you all, but will probably post that later today. For right now, I just want to share some pictures.

Pictures of a beautiful little girl celebrating her big first birthday.

These pictures have to start with her cake:


thus my meager efforts

(I know that the smash cake looks crooked from this angle...not really sure why, but this was the best picture that I got that showed the "Chubbs" written on the side)

Now that she is one, she can play with big girl toys....(-:

Well, we're working on it, anyway.

Pretty sure this smile was for her Gwampa.

And of course, the long anticipated cake eating pictures. Chubbs had no idea what was coming. I kept showing her the cake that I made for her, but she seemed totally unimpressed.

until this moment right here.

she started slowly (using only her right hand)

gave a smile of approval to Daddy

and gradually picked up some steam.

Took a quick break for a photo op

stopped to feel and enjoy the smooth texture of the icing

another look of approval for Daddy

and then she just threw aside all restraints and went for it all the way.

this exercise ended with Grandma giving Chubbs a bath...turns out the amount of Crisco and butter in buttercream frosting sticks right to a baby's soft skin....
Will post more later, but just wanted to share pictures from last night's small celebration.

Happy Birthday, Chubbs!


  1. Happy birthday sweet girl! Those cakes are did a fabulous job!!!!

  2. I agree, fabulous job on the cakes Deanna!! I loved the picture of Addison giving her smile of approval to her Dad, hahah, SO cute!!
    I think its really neat that all our babies celebrated birthdays within weeks of each other...Happy 1st Birthday to Addison!!

  3. Deanna, What a wonderful time I have reading your blog! Your openness about your struggles this year have been so inspiring to me, and I pray that I can be the same type of mother to my little one (if she'd just decide to finally make her appearance!).
    I told Jeremy I felt like I was celebrating Chubbs birthday as well. It looks like the cake was well received!
    Keep writing and learning. I'm enjoying learning through your experiences. Happy Birthday, Chubbs!

  4. I can't believe I missed this post! Happy birthday, Addison <3

  5. Happy Birthday Addison!!

    I love the cakes! You did a great job with them!


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