Saturday, February 26, 2011

The baby in the mirror

Today while out shopping, we detoured over to the dressing room mirrors.
Addison was incredibly taken with the baby in the mirror.
She kept trying to make out with the other baby, which I don't have pictures of because I was busy peeling her mouth off of the store's mirror...(between that and her discovering a used ear plug on the floor and deciding it was her own personal chewing gross tolerance is maxed out for today)
"Mirror, mirror on the wall....who is the fairest baby of us all?"
She also kept yelling at the other baby. I think it perturbed her to see the other baby's mouth moving, but no sound coming out. It definitely kept her entertained. (-:

The funniest part was when I pulled out her bag of Cheerios and she lunged toward the side mirror since that's the one she saw the Cheerios reflected in. Haha.

Just wanted to share these pics- it was just so cute to watch her do this. As soon as we got home and she was on the floor in our bedroom, she crawled over to the wall length mirror to continue with her make out session with that mysterious baby. LOL. Watch out little boys, Addison loves to kiss....with a lot of tongue apparently...there were noticeable moist marks left on the mirrors in Kohls. Oh well- job security.


  1. whenever Brooke get crabby all I have to do is set her in front of my closet mirrors, and she's all "ooh, who's that pretty baby?"...she talks more to herself than to any of us...
    she also has an attachment to the vacuum...

  2. cute!!! maggie also LOVES to look at herself in the mirror...our girls know cute when they see it :)

  3. Anna and I love these picture of Addison!!

  4. This makes me laugh because I've been meaning to write a post for months now about the baby in the dishwasher. Claire loves to talk to her refection too, and that's usually how I distract her so that I can get dinner made.


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