Monday, January 3, 2011


I feel a bit like my dear sweet clarinet student who broke both wrists over Christmas break. She arrived at band today and asked me what she should do during band class.

Her earnest gaze, bare of her usual makeup (can't really blame her) stared solemnly back at me while she waited for me to figure out how to physically make it possible for her to still play the clarinet while she waits eight weeks for the bones to mend.

I feel a bit like that in life right now. I feel like I am staring at my clarinet with two broken wrists, waiting, waiting, waiting to be able to play it.

I wait for Chubbs to achieve milestones. I wait to hear feedback on my book from my editor. I wait to get my book published. I wait until I can stay home with Chubbs. I wait to get my kitchen updated. I wait for time with my husband. I wait until I have time to do this, or that. (As I reread this list, it doesn't seem as dramatic as it appeared in my head. Some of those things just seem bigger in real life than they do in type.)

Anyway, I feel like I am in a holding pattern in life right now, both wrists uselessly strapped to my sides by slings and casts.

But as I sit feeling sorry for myself with my hypothetical broken wrists, I see Stephanie's blog post beseeching us all to pray for sweet Lois, who was just re-diagnosed with leukemia after going into remission. Forget the eight week wait. She's waiting for a miracle. (Please pray for this sweet little girl!)

All of a sudden, my broken wrists seem like nothing and I realize how selfish I am. How I demand everything out of life right now when it is the beauty of waiting that grows and stretches us.

I have so much to be thankful for, why do I never spend endless hours obsessing about that?

The basic provisions of life are taken so for granted by myself. Guilty. It is when I peek on Patti's blog and see another plea for Olga who will soon be transferred to a mental institution that I once again question: what in the world am I complaining about?

I wish I could adopt Olga. I'll add that to my waiting list: Waiting to adopt an orphan with Down syndrome.

I can't. I just can't right now.

But can you? She has such a limited time left before she is going to be transferred to a mental institution. If you have ever considered adopting a beautiful little baby girl- perfectly created. Consider this.

Welcoming a precious life into your home in need of love and there anything better? Nope, I didn't think so either.

Please pray for Lois' fight once more against leukemia and for Olga to find a home soon!

Me? I'm still waiting....but patiently working to get where I need to be, all the while....overwhelmingly thankful.

Disclaimer: No wrists were hurt in the writing of this post. For my clarinet student? That's why bass drums with pedals were invented....

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  1. Oh Deanna, you made me cry. You always make me laugh, so I guess it was time. I want so badly for Olga to find a home soon, and I too feel like my wrists are broken. .my legs.. my heart. Thank you so much for sharing YOUR heart here. I am praying for your valid and precious needs as well. And sweet Lois too.


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