Friday, January 28, 2011

Standing/Kissing Cousins

Chubbs spent the afternoon playing with her cousin, Svana. Svana was so sweet to make sure that Addison got lots of kisses. Addison was just doing her normal push up routine when Svana bent down to give her cousin kisses. So sweet. (-: (I think Svana would have appreciated it more if Addison had used a bit less tongue...we're working on unFrench kissing...)
She also delighted in hand feeding Chubbs maple flavored puffs (they both ate so many that they will both reek of maple for weeks to come...sorry Kalyn). She was insistent on feeding Addison one before she had one herself. I only intervened when she would take a swig on her sippy cup and then place it in Addison's mouth to offer her a swig. So thoughtful. (Sorry this picture is blurry...they were moving rather fast. Chubbs chomped them down at the same lightening speed that Svana hand delivered them. They make a good team.)
Here was the best part of our afternoon play date:

Addison notices Svana playing with her stand up toy and she got so jealous. That was her stand up toy. So, for the first time, she stood a lot. I could actually take my hands away from her to take this picture. She stood all by herself for minutes at a time, over and over and over again all afternoon! I couldn't believe it. All of a sudden she wanted to be like her cousin and be upright!

Svana would stand on the other side of the toy and I would place Addison across from her. Addison was not about to be outdone by her cousin. So she stood and stood and stood. She might have gotten a slight streak of competitiveness from me.

It literally made my week. Come over anytime, Svana! (Haha, it literally looks like she is balanced on little peg legs...I promise that there are feet there as well...I think for this shot she was up on her tip toes a little bit)

Such a big girl! I'm starting to get used to the way I start to despair about Addison doing something- I push and push her until I am just so frustrated, and then one day Addison just decides she wants to do it.

Stubborn, stubborn.....(she must get that from her idea where else that could possibly come from)

We love our cousin Svana! (and Lauren, too....when are you going to come visit us?)


  1. We're trying to work on a little less tongue with Claire's kisses too...

    Addison, great job with the standing!!

  2. Yay Addison! She just wants to keep surprising you.

  3. Great job Addison!! She looks so cute standing there! Thats how Russell works too, I can push and push trying to make something happen, but he doesnt do a thing until HE wants to!

  4. Such cute pictures!! :) (As always though...) Love the standing by the way...


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