Saturday, January 8, 2011

Sledding with Daddy

Addison's daddy stopping in to share photos of our little excursion this afternoon. Addison loves the snow and we have been looking for an opportunity to take her sledding on our "hill" in the front yard. We have bigger plans for when we get a larger snowfall, but until then the little hill is a nice introduction to the sledding world.

Getting hooked into the sled
The littlest snow angel
Snow angel lessons--first the legs and then the arms
Before we went down the hill we had a tow testing to see how she responded to the movement.

"Mush daddy, mush!"
The only thing better would have been if you had been wearing a Carhartt snowsuit.

I look forward to many more sledding/skiing adventures with you my sweet Chubbs!

your daddy


  1. oh melt my heart. addison's daddy needs to post more. love love those sweet pics!

  2. OMGoodness that snow angle is precious!!!!!! Em would probably give me a snowball to the head if I attempted that with her.

    Addison is such a Dumpling. And that header pic of yours just makes me stop and smile,everytime I come to your blog!

  3. I burst out laughing when I read "mush Daddy, mush" Cute pictures!

  4. OK, Anna and I LOVE this! How sweet to see Addison out sledding with her daddy! And her snow angel is adorable!! These pictures are just priceless, Deanna!! Anna wants to know if Addison has been playing with her teddy bear. :)


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