Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Happy Birthday, Da-da

Stubborn McPhee
"I will not do that." (I am starting to see this face from her a lot)
(Please excuse the peas on her sleeves. We just finished solid food time right before this picture.)

Standing McPhee
"Well, while I'm up here, I might as well do a little stretching."

Giving Daddy Kisses Goodnight McPhee
"Open mouth, sharpen fang."

A little update on her drumming skills. She's not quite there yet, but she's starting to get the right idea.

And last, but certainly not least: A special message from Chubbs to her Daddy:

We love you, Aaron. Happy birthday!


  1. I just love her sweet little face...even when it's sassy! :)

  2. whoa.....when she "spoke" on the last clip, it sounded for all the world like "Happy Birthday"!
    Great job, Addison! Also, maybe you could tell your Daddy "Happy Birthday" from his mom.

  3. Oh, my, Addison! You are such a smart little girl!! You made my day. Happy birthday, Aaron!


  4. It seriously sounded like she said "Happy Birthday Dada." How cute!!!!! I had to watch it twice.

  5. Way to sing along, Addison!!!! I had to have the whole family watch that one!! Happy Birthday, Aaron...that would have to be the best present ever! :)

  6. It DID sound like she said Happy Birthday!! She's too cute :)

  7. nice talking Addison!

  8. There is no doubt about it. She absolutely said "Happy Birthday, Dada!" That is fantastic! Absolutely precious! Happy Birthday, Aaron!

  9. Happy Late Birthday to you, Aaron!
    I'm glad you got such a wonderful greeting from your wife and daughter. I thought "I love you Daddy" be in her early repetoire but "Happy Birthday, DaDA!" does the same thing. :-)

  10. So friggin cute! That makes me look forward to my own little own growing even more. Love it.

  11. I just love this! Can't see what she does for the "Grandma" birthday! Since both Grandmas share the same day - maybe Addison will sing for us, too!


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