Saturday, January 22, 2011

Good Memory

I had one of those days where I honestly just wanted to bury my head in the sand, letting the world continue on around me. It was cold outside, my house was/is a mess, my baby was (somewhat) cuddly- perfect recipe for just staying in.

But Chubbs had a very big playdate with three handsome boys and then we had to run across town for Aaron's grandparent's infamous January birthday bash party. I had to work hard to pull my head out of the sand, but I'm really glad that I did.

There's nothing quite like getting together with good friends, comfortable conversations, yummy homemade pizza, and well tempered babies playing nicely together that really makes you glad that you made the effort to join civilization for the day. The birthday bash was fun as well. Overbooking a day with parties is busy....but can be fun if you have good company like I did...Chubbs and Aaron are nice people to dash around town with.

I'm writing this rather rambling post tonight because I just have to share the following picture. My friend who hosted the playdate, loaned us a tummy time mirror when Addison was born. We returned it months ago when it became apparent that Addison no longer needed it. Well, tonight, Addison spotted the mirror across the play area, remembered that it used to be at her house, and was determined to get to it.

This included crawling over one of the aforementioned handsome boys.

It looks like she was trying to give him kisses and hugs, but in actuality, she was trying to get over him. As soon as this "obstacle" was removed (his safety came into question), she shot over, recaptured the mirror and immediately started to eat it. Just like the good ol' days.
He certainly didn't complain about all of the attention from the only girl at playdate. (-:

I was amazed that she recognized the mirror. She hadn't seen it for months. Such a smart baby to have such a good memory!

I know it's strange for me to be so excited over something so small. But when you are told that your child will have mental limitations, and you have no idea what they will be, you latch onto anything positive that happens and celebrate in the biggest of ways. I am so pleased that Addison remembered this mirror. (And became rather possessive of her rattle....out of all of the toys there, she knew which ones where hers)

That one crawling over the other children- that's MY baby. (-:

Anyway, I'm off to bed where there is a whole pile of warm, cozy covers and soft flannel sheets are calling my name. Winter may be cold and the temp the next few days may reach -30, but it just gives me that much more to be thankful for- heat and warm blankets.


  1. I LOVE that picture! Addison is soo beautiful. And soo very smart apparently!

  2. Love it :) David leaves tomorrow for Burlington, but I have to go to San Franciso and can't join him :( Hopefully later this spring I will come with him! Stay warm!

  3. Of course she is smart, she takes after her mommy:)

  4. I know exactly what you are saying...I get excited over ANYTHING Russell shows his thinking skills with..ANYTHING...Because you are right, when you are told your child will be "delayed" mentally, its hard, and you worry, and you look to see how their minds are working...But as time goes on I think we all see our children ARE very smart, they may take a little longer to do something, but they ARE smart :)
    LOVED the picture of Addison climbing over the baby, hahaha

  5. Go Addison! Great to hear and I too will be excited to see anything as well. Ds makes us appreciate the smallest things.


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