Saturday, January 15, 2011

Date night, Snowman, Pizza

Addison on date night with friend Drew from the NICU (one year ago they were weeks away from being isolette buddies)

Kissing buddies. They sure have come a long way. (-:
"What? Addison's Daddy is here???"

Chilling out...what a great date. (They were actually celebrating Addison's Daddy's birthday, but hey, we can turn anything into a date for a pair of cute one year olds)

Look at this cute snowman

on Chubbs' back. Thanks, Grandma Smith for the awesome jacket.

"Thanks Daddy for the frozen pizza." -(different meal...I promise I didn't serve frozen pizza at my husband's birthday dinner....didn't spend all day making a new pulled pork recipe to have you think I'm a complete slacker.)

"Thank you Mommy for forever capturing my finest moment for the world to see."
We had Addison's one year photo shoot today. I know it's a few weeks early, but I wanted to actually have the pictures for her one year party. I am so excited about the sneak peek that I was able to see on facebook. I cannot wait to share these photos with you. They look absolutely amazing.

But meanwhile, my candids taken with a cheap camera (that is for you Patti haha) will have to do for now. (-:


  1. Ok, so I wont show Russell these pictures, I'm pretty sure he has a jealous side!! Ha ha...LOVED the previews of Addisons 1yr pictures! They are beautiful!!

  2. Looks like Addison really enjoyed her pizza! Was there a bath shortly after dinner? :)

  3. I LOVE that snowman jacket!! Can't wait to see the 1 yr pics!


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