Monday, January 24, 2011

Daddy's little helper

So, last night we had a small issue with some frozen pipes between the jetted tub and the shower. (It was very, very cold outside). Aaron told Addison that she was the only one small enough to crawl under there and unfreeze the pipes. As you can see, she was thrilled to help.

This girl would do pretty much anything for her Dada. (don't worry, I didn't let her go any farther than this)

Also, a short crawling update. At the end where she tries to eat my hand, the video cuts out before she almost breaks skin with her sharp fang. Wow, she has sharp teeth.

We had a visit to the ENT today. After now four hearing tests (months apart), we still know...nothing. Apparently this child has the smallest ear canals known to mankind. Her Dr. today (who is a huge tubes advocator) said that even if he wanted to give her tubes, they couldn't put them in this tiny. He assured me that just waiting and following up with another appointment in a few months won't do any long term damage to her hearing. I know she can hear me, but am I crazy to be nervous that we still have yet to get one test where they actually have good numbers to back up her hearing? Her ears are too tiny for any of their machines to get a reading. They only positive remark the whole appointment was that no news was good news....oh and that her earrings were cute. I'm so glad that we trucked across town in negative degree weather for that appointment.


  1. Addison is a champ! Her smile at the end is just precious:) I love how much hair she is getting and how you can see that cute little tooth when she smiles.

  2. Hi! I have a child who needed a hearing eval and it couldn't be done until he was 15 mos old; our ENT said anything earlier may not be accurate. Be patient and keep up all the great things you are doing with music and reading to her. You seem certain that she does hear so just keep on with what you are doing! In God's time (and maybe warmer weather) you will have the testing done! Love the army ranger crawl!

  3. Russell and I just watched the video...I pointed out to Russell that his girlfriend is doing the same things as him so he better step up his game if he wants to impress her!! LOL
    I cant count how mnay times we have driven for hrs to get to a FIVE minute appointment...Its frustrating! They still cant get a good read with Russells hearing tests either, they want to retest next month even though he will be getting tubes...Hopefully they get a good read on Addisons ears soon.

  4. Oh my goodness what a loyal Daddy's girl! She is doing awesome crawling! She is so determined and I love the proud look she gets in her eyes when she reaches you! Porter's teeth are terrifyingly sharp too.

    If it makes you feel any better the only way they got a good hearing test for Porter was when they sedated him because his ear canals are too small to get a test any other way. They were also checking to see if they could get tubes in and they were able to get the smallest ones in, hope they can come up with a good plan for Addison soon. If she's responding to you I wouldn't worry, test will say what they say, but Mommy knows best!

  5. Sorry your ENT appt wasn't better! We go in next week to try to get to the bottom of Claire's never ending sinus infection.


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