Monday, January 10, 2011

Curious McPhee

I love how curious Addison is. She is fascinated by everything and wants to wreck havoc on whatever she can get her grubby little hands on. (I call them grubby because the chances of her having spit up on them moments before are high) If it's something that she's not supposed to get into, she is even more drawn towards it. She finds danger irresistible.

She has become the master of rolling toward objects that strike her interest (the more she shouldn't be interested in them, the faster she rolls...i.e. the trash, diaper rash cream, open vents)

She is also quite adept at lifting herself up by her arms and twirling herself in a circle as she decides which direction would most behoove her to investigate.

She also is so, so, so close to crawling. She'll lift that little diaper enhanced butt high in the air and push off with her strong legs, moving herself a fraction of an inch....just enough to get to the coveted toy/dangerous toy that daddy left lying around. (yes, I know, we should investigate that child proofing thing that we've heard so much about) Once again, crawling in a circle, or pushing herself backwards- piece of cake. (-:

She'll also stretch herself. This is hysterical. She'll want a toy, so she pushes off and it's still not enough. Instead of pushing off again, she stretches and stretches, turning her chubby self into a long, lean toy grabbing machine.

She is very creative about her approach to playing with toys. I now will let her investigate her toys in piles all around her in the living room. She carefully pivots from one pile to the next, rolling, stretching, and pushing off to get what her little heart desires. It's a huge mess to clean up afterwards, but it is totally worth it.

Her favorite toys are toys that makes noises. (right next to toys that are easily chewable/eatable, sweatshirt strings and Mommy's hair.)

She has a little steering wheel toy that has a keypad right next to the wheel. For each key pressed, a different song is played and a screen in front of the wheel lights up. She loves to press the different keys, listening to the songs while driving with the wheel.

This morning she wanted the songs to happen faster. She was frantically pushing the buttons, listening and watching. I turned my back for one minute and I heard the poor little toy going crazy. I heard the first syllables from each song repeated over and over and over again.

Instead of "The wheels on the bus go round and round" I heard "The wh-The wh-The wh-The wh-The wh-The wh-The wh interspersed with honking and a few of the other songs.

Curious as to how she accomplished pushing the button repeatedly so fast, I walked in close to see her solution to making it play songs faster. Her chubby little cheek was pressed against the keypad- pushing ALL of the buttons at the same time. She was elatedly watching the screen go crazy with lights and seemed content to hear only the first syllables of songs. LOL. How's that for good cognitive reasoning/problem solving?

Yep, I love how curious she is. I know it makes life more difficult as she is intent to get into more trouble, but it also makes it so much more interesting. When she was in the NICU and even for months afterwards- all of her energy went towards breathing and staying alive. I thought the day would never come when I would laugh at her antics.

Well, I am happy to announce that that day is here. Antic McPhee is out in full force. I couldn't love it more. I hear her bumper pads being ripped off of the crib (when did she get so insanely strong?)....better go. One more successful "nap" down.


  1. love reading about sweet Addison! she is an amazing little girl!
    Love ~ Erick & Rae

  2. I love Claire's curious side too! We have a bag in the living room filled with toys that really don't have anyplace else to go, and emptying it is Claire's new favorite past time. She will also crawl farther for the things she shouldn't have. Like the window blinds on the sliding door and the computer cables...

  3. I love the curiosity stage...but watch out, once she's really on the go you are going to have your hands FULL! I had no idea how much Landon could get into and how fast once he was really on the's fun to watch though! :)

  4. Reading this just makes me smile, Chubbs is doing so awesome and sounds like such a fun little girl :)

  5. It's amazing to read all of these things about Addison! I can't believe she is ripping the bumper pads off the crib! I don't remember my kids doing that when they were babies. Addison seems to be growing/developing by leaps and bounds!! Keep it up, Chubbs! :)

  6. Hi! Thank you so much for finding me and your wonderful comments on my blog. I sent you a FB friend request (I hope you don't mind). I love reading blogs like yours. I have so much faith that our kiddos can do so many great much more than others (or even I) ever thought. Also, your header pic is the cutest thing ever. It made me smile as soon as it opened.

  7. miss maggie is also into EVERYTHING! she is way more curious than our first 2 girls! but it does keep us entertained :) and love the new header, too cute!


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