Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Crossed eyes?

We had an eye appointment for our Chubbs today. Before I discuss our findings, kindly observe her eyes in the next few pictures. What do you notice?

If you're saying something right about now about crossed eyes, you are in the same place that I have been for months now.

She had one eye appointment back in the summer, where we were told that her eye sight was great. Because of all of the extra stress her body has been under, it is natural that it takes longer for her eyes to mature and stop crossing.

Well, since that time, I haven't noticed the crossing getting better. I see her settle for long periods of time into a cross and happily keep them there for hours. You'll notice in the pictures above crossing, right? (please, please agree with me) Those are just from the last few batches of pictures. I have lots more, just like those.

Our Pediatrician told me the last appointment that we needed to get Dr. Hastings to take another look at her eyes because if they are crossed for too long, she can lose vision in one of her eyes.

Thus, I dragged Addison in today, fully expecting to be given a patch so that we could fix this crossing.

The first nurse came in, nice lady. She looked in Addison's eyes and asked if the crossing was better.

"No." I replied confidently. "In fact, I think it's gotten worse because she'll stay crossed for a long time" (sometimes it's hard to get a picture of her with uncrossed eyes)

Nurse #1 looks at me strangely, and then leaves.

Nurse #2 (are these people actually nurses?) boldly strides into the room, ready to take a look at this horrible crossing.

"Have you noticed her crossing been getting better?" Nurse #2 asked me. I don't know if she was hoping for a different answer the second time?

I of course, replied again that the crossing has not gotten better. That she remains crossed for a good portion of the day.

Nurse #2 gives a snide, strange look and then leaves.
Next thing I know, I hear Nurse #2 discussing us in the hallway with Dr. Hastings. (Um, I can hear you, people)

She was saying how this baby wasn't crossed and that the mom is insisting that she is. She said that she just couldn't see it and something was obviously up with the mom's over-active imagination.

Dr. Hastings then comes into the room and makes a lame observation that I could probably hear that they were just discussing us. (so brilliant. no wonder she's a doctor)

And then- I am still baffled. She went on to say how much better the crossing looks now.

I looked at Addison and she was crossing her eyes in front of us.

I pointed to them. What did the doctor say?

Addison's crossed eyes are an optical illusion. Apparently because of the extra skin she has over top of her eye, some of the whites from her eyes are covered that makes it appear that her eyes are crossed. Also, because her nose is so flat between her eyes, it makes them appear even more crossed. huh?

Dr. Hastings shined her light into Addison's eyes and sure enough, the light lined up perfectly in the same spot in both eyes.

She went on to say that this optical illusion is exaggerated in photos.

Sometimes Addison does cross her eyes like this:
and that we still have to keep our eye on, but her normal "crossed" look isn't actually crossed at all. Her crossing isn't bad enough to need a patch, glasses, or surgery. We're just supposed to keep watching her.

I guess things aren't always the way they seem. Hopefully as her eyes continue to mature, they will stop appearing to be crossed, but it's nice to know that her vision isn't being compromised.

I feel a little bit like I am the crazy mom. I was so sure Addison was crossing her eyes. Her Pediatrician sent us there because he noticed the eye crossing.

But then I just got pretty much laughed at today at the opthamologist's office. Anyone else dealing with apparent crossing due to the almond shape of the eyes and flatness of nose?

(Side note: sorry if this post gives you the willies. I know crossed eyes can be a bit of a weird subject matter....)

As far as the apparent crossing, it's OK. I have a plan to help her eyes get to be where they need to be. Spa treatment is the answer to every problem.


  1. Love that last picture! I would look for another Dr's office even if they were right about it being an optical illusion. I have noticed that nurses and Dr's hate when parents aren't concerned enough and appear neglectful and they also seem to be annoyed with parents like you and I who are a little more proactive...Hmmm!

  2. I've noticed that Addison's eyes cross. We had a consult with an pediatric opthamologit when Claire was little and they said if the crossed eyes were showing up in pictures that it was something that needed to be addressed. See you have a a center that deals specifically with visually impaired children. That's where we went for the consult. My concerns were listened to and I could tell that I wasn't being dismissed as an overprotective mom. Good luck!!

  3. Now THAT is infuriating. I hate hate hate it when the medical community takes on that condescending "you know nothing" attitude. I would agree with both of the folks who commented so far. Time to shop around for doctors - ESPECIALLY if the pediatrician is seeing what you're seeing. I mean, this is Addison's EYESIGHT you're talking about - and who is going to be able to see what's going on with her eyes better, her mother who spends more time with her than anyone on God's green earth, or an obviously prejudiced nurse who walks in, looks at her, and walks out? Mercy people.

    Loved your conclusion. I was reading along all infuriated at the stupid nurses and was totally caught off guard by the last pic. Gales of loud laughter - and that while my children were trying to sleep. ;)

    Thanks for your sweet response. So so happy I didn't stick my foot in my mouth. :)

    The Christmas Card thing keeps me laughing. For a while every time I came into the kitchen the card would be twisted at some weird angle from where Martin would try to make "the baby sit". :) It's SUCH a precious picture though, he's gotten used to it being on its side - and we alternate between open and closed anyway. :) I feel like I know Addison so well because I read your blog every day FIRST and see her pic on our fridge every day! :)

  4. I have noticed it also. That is one of the first things I noticed when I saw all of her pictures. My daughter has crossed eyes too, and just had surgery to fix them. After her surgery the doctor came and told us alarming news, that her eyes were so bad, like a plus 12. I was shocked and sad. My eyes are about a plus 8, and I can't hardly see, so naturally I thought she was blind. We got a second opinion, and the new Dr looked at her and told us her eyes were good, and not that bad. She still has to wear glasses, but it is a much lower prescription, which I am glad about.

    Long story just to say, yes, get a second opinion. Doctors are afterall, people, and sometimes make mistakes. But if too agree on the same thing, or even 3, then it is probably the correct diagnosis. Maybe the Doctor is right. Maybe not, but they difinitely should treat you better. Moms really do know best. :)

  5. Hmmm, thats strange, an optical illusion? Never heard of that...I would just keep an eye on it and if you are still concerned take her to some one else.

  6. That last picture is the cutest picture ever <3

  7. I'd get a consult in Boston.....for both eyes and ears. I'd be happy to go down w/ you, but I think that's a where you'll get definitive answers.

  8. I don't have any first hand information, but I think I would get a second or third opinion if nothing else for piece of mind.

    I'm not sure how you got her to hold still or keep those cucumbers on her eyes, but it was so worth it...that is the best picture ever!

  9. LOL love the cucumbers! Don't think I've ever been here before, so hey! :) Wanted to say it is hard to tell because she has pretty prominent epicanthal folds, or however you spell that word, so that gives the optical illusion of crossing. Payton had a little bit of one eye laziness when she was little, but it ended up being nothing and she grew out of it basically. Just wondering if you could be in the same situation? What a cutie!


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