Friday, January 7, 2011

Bragging on Addison

Go ahead, brag on me. I know I'm awesome.
(Please excuse the Christmas fits her so well it's hard to stop using...)

A while back I posted how frustrating it is that Addison absolutely refuses to put any weight on her legs. Addison may be stubborn, but so am I (I know, I rarely admit this). After weeks with hours of tear filled practice (on both of our parts) check out Addison's latest and greatest skill:
Putting weight on her legs...WOOOHOOOOO!
She'll only do this to reach for a toy, but she'll push her little legs up until she is standing so that she can reach it on the cushions.
We stay close because her fall is usually imminent. Said fall usually ends in the splits. Longest standing time so far? 5 seconds.

Cuddling with Daddy afterwards is the best reward ever.

We have a long way to go still, but I call this progress! (Just wanted to report since you all listened to me whine about this a short while ago.)

Also, after a week of prying her mouth open to shove solid foods down, she just happily ate almost an entire jar of baby food big girl!

So proud of Chubbs- here's to celebrating small accomplishments that represent huge effort....


  1. Alright Addison! Way to go!! yay for a determined Mom & Dad. love you guys!!

  2. Yay, Addison! You look like such a big girl standing up like that...pretty soon Mommy is going to be chasing you everywhere! Those jammies are so darling, I would keep my girl in them through the summer if they still fit! :)

  3. the jammies....Christmas or no, keep wearing them!

    Also was pondering on her solid food eating and was just thinking today that the Dr. (can't remember which one) thought she'd be using a feeding tube for at least a year, so I'm thinking she's doing FABULOUS!

    Way to go Addison, on all counts!

  4. Way to go Addison!! She's doing great!! Bennett was stubborn about putting weight on this legs too, for a long time but he came around. Love your header picture!!

  5. Way to go Addison!! Claire is still wearing her Christmas jammie too. :)

  6. This progress is great news!

  7. Ha ha, Chubbs sounds a lot like Russell...They will start doing something only AFTER we start to worry and panic about it!
    Way to go Addison!! Thats awesome! I love all her outfits, she is the best dressed baby EVER!

  8. Way to go Addison!! It is so much fun to watch our kiddos do new tricks!! Mitchell is pulling himself up and begining to lift up one leg and shifting it to the side... Could it be the beginings of walking? Getting Mitchie to eat was a big deal so I am thrilled that Addison is eating big girl food!


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