Monday, January 17, 2011

Big Feet, Small Feet, Feet, Feet, Feet.

As I sit down at my faithful computer to write another post that will be sent into the silent sphere known as blog land, my mind is drawn towards a rather unusual topic- feet.

I have rather large feet. I used to wear a solid 10 until life was slightly kinder to me and they shrunk to a respectable 9/9.5. Narrow long feet can still be worn rather gracefully, but unfortunately my feet have always been labeled by the letter "W". We'll not go into what that represents. I've always had big feet- which happens to go well with my tall height, but I have always been teased about my Big Foot status....mostly by jealous short people. (AKA siblings who are mere inches shorter than I)

This brings us to Addison. I assumed that she would inherit my large feet syndrome (as she is my daughter)...but unfortunately, she has decided to put new meaning to "tiny feet". Her feet are so tiny, I don't they they merit the use of the whole word "feet". She has two "fee-".

Now, I have no idea how big her feet actually were when she was born. I still get mad about this whenever I think about it. After the air had cleared from the NICU stay and we were home a few months, I called in to ask if we could get a copy of her footprints for her baby book. They informed me that they only do footprints if the parents specifically request it. This makes no sense to me. My child was fighting for her life, getting her footprints was literally the last thing on my mind. Why would anyone NOT want footprints? I felt a bit like this was their way of saying "Yeah, we didn't think your baby would live anyway, so why bother?"

Anyway, ranting aside. I don't know if anyone has noticed, but I never put Addison in shoes.

This could be explained by a variety of reasons:

1. I am a horrible mother (I realize your mind probably wanders here first, but let's entertain a few more reasons before we settle on this)

2. We buy her so many outfits, there's no money left over for the shoes. (once again, plausible but not true....did you realize you can find baby's shoes on sale for mere cents???)

3. Addison has insanely talented toes. (As weird as that sounds, now we're getting warmer. Remember how she used to play with her nasal cannula with her feet?????)

4. Addison has very rambunctious legs that kick and kick until her feet once again find the freedom that they crave. (yep)

5. Addison's feet are sooooooo tiny, even newborn shoes don't fit her. (and yep once again)

Look at these small feet. Not only are they tiny, but they are amazingly narrow (so jealous). No wonder she has trouble standing. How do you balance sixteen pounds of chubbiness on these tiny toothpicks of feet?
Myth busting reason #2. Checkout Chubbs' collection of shoes. Most of these are size two or newborn with a four in the front row and a six in the backrow. (note: this includes not buying any shoes for at least half of her life as I realized that it was a lost cause)
So many shoes, just waiting for the day of cooperative feet....Sigh. Seriously, how cute would she look in all of those shoes! (note: the flip flops were purchased for last summer but at this rate might not be worn until summer '12

I am happy to announce (drumroll please) that after almost one year of solid growth......Addison now fits into newborn shoes!!!! My sister sent these shoes as a welcome home from the NICU gift....We can wear them now. (Sorry, Addison, you're going to be a year behind on your shoe fashion)

This is size two. We have a lot of size twos and I was hoping she would at least sort of fit in them by now. I'm thinking that not even rolled under tights will help keep these bad boys on.

Oh yes, these are the boots that you have seen in several pictures. Truth is, I balanced it on her foot, quick took a picture and two seconds later she kicked them off. Makes a great picture, but she has never actually worn these boots. (Sorry Grandma)

In conclusion to this rather random post on feet, I present you with these monster shoes...any guesses on how old I was when I wore these?

eight months. Yep, the Bigfoot jokes started early. We plan on having Chubbs wear them for her kindergarten graduation.

The footed gods have smiled down upon me and sent me a tiny footed daughter. I have been redeemed in the world of feet. Addison totally balances me out.

As happy as that makes me, I really hope that she can start keeping shoes on soon. Because every outfit needs to be framed in by some seriously cute shoes.

Now that newborn ones will fit (only lengthwise though, they are still way too wide), we now need to work on the talented toes and kicker feet....hmmmm suggestions?


  1. duct tape--it's the force you know has a light side and a dark side and holds everything together....we could tape them on

  2. For the record - I am not shorter than you but yes you do have big feet. Did I ever call you big foot? Maybe big mouth but I don't think I remember the big foot remark. Must have been Bekka. :)

    Regardless, I am equally jealous of Addison's adorable little feet. What a cute and creative post, DJ!


  3. that's tacky, Aaron. Ew my niece is not wearing duct tape on any part of her body. Thick socks would be a much cuter alternative.

  4. Actually, they say barefoot is best for babies because they learn much about their world through touch. The skin on the bottoms of the feet is especially sensitive, allowing lots of sensory input for baby.
    Addison is going to be extra smart because of that :)

  5. We had the same problem with Emily's feet. I think she was wearing a size 2 when we first started having her wear shoes at about 14 months old. She is now 20 months old and wears a size 4 and those are still big on her! We had to get orthotics for her due to her low tone and the orthotist said that when they start weight bearing more and walking their feet usually grow quite a bit...we'll see! In the meantime, her baby feet ares still so cute, as I am sure Addison's are!

  6. Very enjoyable post Deanna. All of you children wore newborn size shoes as soon as we brought you home from the hospital. Your pediatrician said - judging by you and your siblings two year old feet measurements - you all 4 would be 6 feet tall (he was wrong... only Jonathan made it to 6 feet)! I love Addison's tiny feet!

  7. LOL...I cant believe how many shoes Addison has!! She sure does have super tiny feet :) I just bought Russell a new pair today, size fours! Ha ha

  8. What i have learned by having three children that the best thing for children is to be barefoot. Well i agree you live in Vermont and right now it's not barefoot season, but "soon" there will be. Anyway as long Addison is not walking, she doesnt' t need any shoes. And since her tinny feet look so cute, why hide them in shoes?

    regards from Switzerland


  9. Sutter has tiny feet too...not that it matters he figures out a way to get whatever shoes I happen to put on him off in a matter of minutes! I have a huge box full of Landon's shoes from when he was a baby and Sutter will most likely wear them to preschool! The last pair of shoes I bought are a size 2 and they fit perfect...if he'd keep them on!

    Addison has an amazing shoe collection and one day she will get to wear them all....just not one day soon! :)

  10. Wow!!!Miss Addison does have tiny feet.:)I love her shoe collection but if you EVER want to add more to her collection Robeez are wonderful.You can buy them really tiny too.They have adorable styles as well.We love all ours.:)Nikki

  11. 1st of all.... your daughter is beautiful! Addison has a shoe collection that I'm jealous of. I thought my kids had the tiniest feet ever! Addison's feet are so cute.

  12. I am totally jealous of Addison's shoe collection!! Love the pink polka dot shoes with the buttons!! I was not blessed with little feet either, Deanna! Just try not to focus on your feet, and focus on how sweet and precious Addison and her feet are! :)

  13. Claire's feet are really small too, but I think Addison might have her beat. Her 2s are too big too, but they are getting close to fitting. Now I just have to find a way to keep them on her, other than tape!

  14. We are having the same problem....Although the newborn shoes fit when she was born, she is four months old and still doesn't fit into any of the other cute, cute, cute shoes she has. Her feet are EXTREMELY narrow. Its looking like all those cute size 1 sandals aren't going to fit until winter when she won't be able to wear them anyway! :( Darn it! She has an adorable pair that has a daisy on them, and they match an outfit she has just perfectly, and although I keep trying them, alas, always still too big! Heidi Ehle


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