Sunday, December 26, 2010

Skier McPhee/first Christmas

This is where Chubbs was on her first Christmas:

Skiing for the very first time.
She loved it.

Especially since she got to ride along with Daddy.

Her favorite person in the whole world.

She also received several toys from Grandpa and Grandma Smith which required some Daddy time as well. This girl could not have been happier. (Thank you!)

Chubbs' wide smile of mirth and glee was liberally dispensed to all this Christmas. Her Christmas present to the world.

Posing with Cousin Svana, Aunt Kalyn and Mommy.....Addison cooperates better for the candid shots. (-:
Like this one. Svana sweetly kept giving Addison kisses...what a nice cousin.
This was my favorite present that this year brought.

Her favorite present?
Look closely and you'll see Santa's gift located along her gumline on her lower jaw. (-:

It was a very Merry first Christmas

She partied hard and enjoyed every last minute.

But even party animals have to sleep sometime.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! Our day was full of laughter and smiles from Chubbs. Could not have been better. (-:

I am looking forward to a week off to catch up on sleep, cuddles with Chubbs and house cleaning. I know, very exciting. But I wouldn't want to be anywhere else....maybe we'll even fit in another skiing trip?


  1. what a very merry christmas you had! :)

  2. Chubbs has a tooth!! Yaay! She looked adorable in her little red dress too :)

  3. I love the first picture....what a beautiful winter wonderland! Hope you aren't getting hit too hard with this new storm! Chubbs looks like she had a great Christmas and looked cute as ever in her Christmas dress!

  4. How cool you took Chubbs skiing!! And I love her new tooth! Claire's 3rd one just popped through today. :)

  5. I am happy to meet you!! (And to see sweet pics of your beautiful angel!) My hubby and I are from Westford, VT and we are Reece's Rainbow parents! :) Our son was one of the "other angels" from the site and we brought him home from Serbia on Dec. 1st. So, we had our first Christmas as a family too. :) I keep trying to convince my hubby that we need to go back to Serbia to bring home the most adorable little carrot top we saw there (she has that extra special chromosome)


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