Thursday, December 30, 2010

refusing to stand

In all respects, today was extremely profitable

-did some laundry
-cleaned out the fridge
-made menus/sorted all of my coupons and grocery shopped
-did a therapy appointment with Addison
-one Keene Medical pickup (finally all of the oxygen cylinders are gone)
-took down all of the Christmas decorations (including throwing the tree out the front door by my very own self)
-finally scrubbed the living room floor (yay for removing the hardened baby food) and leaving the whole room sparkling clean.
-made a new non-Christmasy header for this blog (I am so in love with that picture)

all the while entertaining a baby who pretty much refused to nap all day.

But in all reality, the day feels like a failure because I couldn't accomplish the one thing that has has been a bee in my bonnet for a while now. Addison will not stand. Now that her sitting has come so far, she can roll anywhere she wants to go, and her crawling is sooo close, I feel that her standing should be farther along than it is.

absolutely. refuses.

If I hold her by her arms, she curls up her legs and dangles there (of course smiling at me, as if to sidetrack me with cuddles and forget about my mission)

URGHHH. It is so frustrating. This is why it's going to take her forever to walk.

She has motivation to go. She has strength. She has the curiosity to cruise around.


Odette (her PT) and I spent the good part of an hour today trying to persuade her to put a little weight on those chubby little leggings clad legs.

Apparently this activity is beneath her. Literally and figuratively.

You know, someday when Addison is walking (ten years from now...apparently) I am going to post a long, bragging post that will make you all physically ill and want to throw cyber tomatoes my way because I will be so proud that she finally made it.

Because we have so far to go. sigh.

I'm going to go stare at the startlingly clean floor in my LR a little bit more. (You would be proud, Bekka/Wren/Amy/all of the neat freaks in my life.) (-:

While I stare at my reflection staring back at me in the wood floors, I'm going to imagine little pattering feet treking across the floors in my house. Or maybe even just standing on them. hopefully soon.


  1. every baby is different......some sit, stand, walk early, some are just not interested. Addison has come a long way and may not be all that interested in standing right now, so if it's frustrating you, you're the only one who's hurt by her inability/refusal. She's really smart and WILL figure a way to walk when she's ready.

  2. First of all I'm SUPER impressed at what you were able to get done to your house...and dare I say even jealous! Second of all the first thing I noticed was the new header and I adore that picture of Addison, may be my all time favorite! Third, she will stand and most likely when you least expect it! Most of the time Sutter doesn't mind standing and even pulls himself up....but some days he simply refuses and will pull his legs up or let them collapse beneath him when you try to pull him up. Just the other day Rich was trying to have him stand on his lap and Sutter REFUSED until Rich finally said "you win, no standing today"!

    I'll be excited and happy to read your bragging post when she stands and walks and I promise no tomatoes...but I can't promise no tears, but they will be tears of joy in celebration with you!

  3. Yup, that header picture is definatly my favorite!! I was at my Moms last night and I just had to show my Mom and my sister that video of Addison with the drums, its just so cute, they loved it!
    Does Addison have one of those saucer things that she can stand and play in...When we first put Russell in one he would just let his legs go limp and play like that, but over time he would stand himself up in it. I think that helped him a alot. Anyway, dont worry she will do it...She has come so far and she is doing so many great things :)

  4. I LOVE YOUR HEADER! And I also LOVE your blog! I check it first every day! Addison is just my favorite baby (outside my own of course). :) My family is here visiting and I showed my 2 sisters and mom the drum video. We all watched it over and over and laughed so hard each time. Totally the cutest!
    As to standing up: my little boy was WALKING at 10 months, and my baby girl wouldn't even stand up until around 11 months. I was so frustrated. And then all of a sudden she started standing, and then just a couple of months later was running everywhere. So, Grandpa Smith has it right. :) They're each different - do things at their own pace.

  5. Claire was that way too for the longest time. She would just curl her legs underneath her and would bear any weight on them. We worked hard at just getting her to put weight on them at all without worrying about how she was doing it. And even now, there are days that she just refuses to stand...

  6. Be patient! She will be walking. She has already learnt so much. Give her a break! She has her very own pace and that's just perfect.

    Love the picture with Addison and the flower. God job!



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