Saturday, December 4, 2010

Oh Christmas Tree

Check out the tree that Chubbs picked out today. I think the little girl has pretty great taste. (-: Decorating still to come.

There's something indescribably magical about the Christmas season.

You allow yourself to dream and hope all the while not feeling like a fool to be shooting for the moon.

You listen to the Christmas carols until you are almost nauseous from the repeated strains.

You get ten emails a day with new recipes to try and you convince yourself that you will try all of them even though deep down inside you know that you'll only do one or two new ones.

You hold in secrets from all of your closest loved ones as the scheming and plotting to find the perfect gifts come to a climax.

You spend too long in the freezing cold after driving an hour to find the absolute perfect Christmas tree.

You schedule evenings in your calendar for just chuddling on the couch, staring at the lights on the Christmas tree, and perhaps watching a movie while listening to the fireplace crackle.

You eat more items off of the specially constructed diet than you intended to, but just don't feel guilty....(that's what January is for)

Bottom line is- I love Christmas time. I now feel as if I am just now joining the festivities as we finally got our tree today and will decorate our house tomorrow.

I'm drinking in this beautiful season one cookie/carol/ornament at a time.

I think what makes this my favorite Christmas ever is- this is Addison's first Christmas!

She is a big fan so far. Today on the way home from picking out our tree, we stopped to get cider donuts up in Stowe. Addison held onto her half a donut with a death grip and didn't stop her toothless munching/destructive licking until her chunk of a donut was gone and she had crumbs pretty much over every inch of her body (yes, I even found some in her diaper)

She wore the satisfied look of a first time donut eater and the sugar high of a kid ready for Christmas.

Yep, the season is here.

Regrettably, the only picture we have from our outing today that turned out was the one you see below. Maybe it is understandable that my husband fled far away with the camera after seeing this look on my face while holding the saw, but still.....

Photographer wanted. Reliable. Non shaky hand. Able to remove camera from pocket more than once per outing.
I know it's hard to believe by looking at this photo, but I got final say in which tree we brought home.
You know the saying "Your walk talks and your talk talks, but if you're holding a saw and just standing still, you will drown out all of the competitive noise."


  1. she held the saw, but didn t use it for anything productive......wild time. Addison does love her cider doughnuts--after she finished she let out intermittent cries all the way home....

  2. aaaawwww, I wanted pictures of chubbs licking her lips after her dougnut! Please do tell this little Oregonian- what is a CIDER doughnut?

  3. a cider donut is a baked donut flavored and mostly sweetened with apple cider. They are sooo delicious and mildly addicting. The cider mill up in Stowe has the best, fresh cider donuts, but I think most grocery stores carry them...not sure about the ones way over in Oregon,though. (-:

  4. i'm so jealous of the whole tree cutting experience and your house smelling so wonderful! we used to do real and a few years ago we started going the artificial route....way easier but still not quite the same ;)

  5. For some reason it feels like this is Russells first Christmas, I dont know why, it just does. Maybe because everything was so depressing and scarey last year I wasnt in the mood for Christmas...My kids even keep saying this is Russells first Christmas and I have to remind them that he was here last year, ha ha
    I cant wait to see all the pictures of Chubbs enjoying her first Christmas Season!!

  6. Deanna......when explaining a cider donut, you must be truthful. A cider donut is NOT baked, it is deep-fat fried. Why do you think they're so amazing? And yes, the Cold Hollow Mill has the BEST cider donuts, especially when right out of the vat. I'm glad my granddaughter goes for the very best and I would've loved to see a pic of her covered in crumbs. What happened to your husbands' photography skills? By the way, who raised that husband of yours? :)

  7. well, as a new Vermonter, I'm sure you can forgive the mistake. Especially since I ran that information past my photographer before posting it...just saying...while he's already being blamed, we might as well take it the whole way.

  8. it is a cake type doughnut and it is most certainly fried--they have the coolest machine up there that makes the doughnuts....

  9. hmmmm.think i need to make me a trip to vermont!

  10. Gotta love how asmitlandscapes and Deanna have non-direct insults being hurled back and forth - um, as online comments - you'd almost think they were like - married or something...

  11. how perceptive of you @christianrebecca

  12. I'm a sucker for all the recipes this time of year, and yet, I never make anything new...

    Your tree is beautiful!


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