Monday, December 13, 2010

New Hat for New Adventures

Chubbs just got her very first Christmas present.

She thinks that it was the wrapping paper...but it was actually this adorable hat.

The hat just happened to come with a tasty snack.

Flower McPhee

Oh yes, and it's reversible.
Love the amazing hat. Thank you, Candi and Mike!

Addison and I are flying out tomorrow for Milwaukee. I am leaving her with my parents for a few days while I attend a work conference in Chicago. I am then returning home to spend some time with my family. Excited to meet my brand new niece! Haven't been home for almost two years because with a high risk pregnancy, I wasn't allowed to travel and Chubbs has been attached to a nasal cannula up until last month. This is also the first time my Dad gets to meet her. We were hoping to go home for Thanksgiving, but because of the lateness of the cannula verdict, we had to postpone the meet and greet.

I am excited about the trip, sad about leaving her overnight for the first time, and beyond nervous about her first flying experience. Yikes.

Should be quite the adventure...don't worry...I'll keep you updated. (-:


  1. Love the hat and love seeing Addison's big smile over the wrapping paper!! We will be thinking about you and Addison tomorrow and praying for a safe and pleasant trip!! Anna (and I) can't wait to see Addison!! Anna says, "She is a really cute baby!"

  2. Oh that hat!!!!!!! Gift of the year, I say!!

    have a safe and happy trip!!

  3. Love the hat! Have a fun trip!

  4. Hi Deanna and Aaron--
    Deanna, have a great trip. Please give love and greetings to Erik and Becca as well as your parents. Addison is precious and the pictures are wonderful. I'm trying to finish grades.
    Doc and Owen

  5. Have a great trip, and that hat is awesome! I also know for a fact that Claire will be happier with wrapping paper than any present we could get her.


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