Saturday, December 18, 2010

Conference Completed. Back with Chubbs.

As I type, I can hear the steady breathing of one, Chubbs McPhee.

I am unbelievably delighted to hear that sound.

Crazy as I am, I left her with my parents for a few days while I traveled to Chicago to attend a Band Clinic in hopes to glean some knowledge and knock off a credit or two.

I missed my baby.

I am overwhelmed by the many things I learned, the reconnecting with old friends/teachers (disclaimer:I'm not saying they are old, I'm saying that our relationship is old)

Learning proper etiquette for taxi hailing and feeding pizza to a homeless man aside, It was a pretty routine trip.

What's not routine is life lessons learned along the way. Too tired to type more on this subject right now, but I am very thankful

For safe travel, for a plush hotel and room service paid by someone else, for internet on my cell phone during those kill-me-now boring sessions, for wisdom and knowledge hanging from every seasoned band conductor's brow, ready to be passed off at the asking.

But most importantly,

I'm thankful

to be home with my baby.

and also to have a few days to kick back my heels with my family. I have been so tightly strung these past months that I can't remember what relaxing feels like.

I'm pretty sure it'll come back pretty swiftly. Ahhhh, relaxation, old friend; time to reacquaint.

Can't wait to see what I've been missing out on in good ol' bloggy world!


  1. I've missed you and Chubbs this week!!!

  2. Anna & I LOVED meeting Addison and spending a little time playing with her while you were in Chicago. She is very sweet and adorable! Glad you are back together again, Deanna!!

  3. I little time away is good, but coming home is even better!!

  4. Ok, so I love your conference story and all, but I'm missing my daily dose of Addison :) How is the visit going with your family? I loved the picture of Addison and Lauren!

  5. haha lindsey. i'll start posting again once we're home tomorrow. trying to soak up all of the family time while i can! first time to be home in almost two years....lots to catch up on...going well so far. but boy, i have a ton of adorable pictures to post when i get home!(-:


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