Sunday, December 5, 2010

Chubbs investigates the Tree

Last Year:
This Year:

"What in the world is this thing resting on my head."

"Must. investigate. foreign. object."

"This is why I've been practicing those fast roll overs...Mommy can't reach me here"


"The big question is, how can I get that branch in my mouth?"

"Forget the branch. New target acquired."
"So close"

"Can't reach the forbidden fruit"
"So when do the donuts come back out?

"I smile for donuts."

It's amazing the difference that one year can make. (-:


  1. Oh Chubbs, how can your mama stand to see you cry like that!! No wonder she brings out the donuts!!!:)

  2. Chubbs, you are the cutest!!! Oh, and nice tree by the way!! I am totaly jealous, ours is a disaster this year, ha ha


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