Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The bright spots in my day

Thank you all so much for your support and encouragement on yesterday's post. Certainly nothing is solved through a couple of paragraphs of venting, but man, it really made me feel better. Thank you.

Today I felt I would post a few of the bright spots in my day. The things that continue to discourage me would take up a far longer post (my car's going to miss its bumper), but I figured today I'd keep it clean and examine a few positive things.

First of all: Addison's response to music has always encouraged me, but it is difficult to capture in video. Until now- for Christmas she got a drum from Grandma and Grandpa Smith. She is fascinated by this drum. No, she won't play it herself....yet, but something tells me that soon she will. Hello doctor? pretty sure my child can hear...thank you very much.

My second "video of encouragement" is rather a boring watch, but I wanted to show off Chubbs' new skill- feeding herself her puffs. Not all of them always stay in her mouth, but I am more than happy to clean up after this exercise because she is doing so well with it and she loves it! If I need to entertain her for a while, I put her in her high chair, dump a pile of puffs in front of her and she is happy as a clam. Thank goodness you have to eat 90 of them before you reach 25 calories....(Dear Sun Chips, instead of inventing the loudest bag known to mankind...perhaps I suggest you take the puff calorie challenge?)

Behold, the puff princess feeds herself:

Another bright spot? These chocolate cupcakes that I made last night for a party, but I had one with my coffee this morning. Shhhh, don't tell anyone. Love the new recipe. Food Network Chocolate Cupcake
and instead of the peanut butter frosting I used Wilton's chocolate buttercream frosting. Yum.Chocolate may not solve life's problems, but it certainly does a lot to dull the pain.


  1. Hey - Cooper can't wait to play some tunes with Addison! He plays the guitar on anything he can strum...usually his books. He does enjoy playing the drums as well...usually the couch arm. Video is just too cute!

  2. Her reaction when you stopped playing was hysterical! Loved her thrilled smile when you started back up again =D And way to go with the self-feeding! She's made such great strides with her motor control.
    Cars are too conforming. Bet your bumper-less one looks much cooler.

  3. Ha ha, that was awesome!! I pulled Brad in here to watch that drum video...We both sat here laughing, she is SO cute!! She's got the fake cry down pat!! Loved it! And she eats puffs exactly how Russell does, just grabs a handful and shoves it to his face and if one happens to by chance make it IN his mouth hes pretty impressed! Ha ha

    Oh and my daughter loved the video too she said "Aw, that baby looks cute" I told her it was Russells girlfriend ;)

  4. We loved the videos! Addison reacted the same way when we played the piano for her here in WI. The only difference was - she started out upset and the music instantly stopped the cries. What a sweetie! I miss her so much!

  5. ha ha ha... Addison is too cute! Her cousin is missing her! Also loved the comment about the Sun chip bag. LOL. So true! Can't sneak any of those late at night...

  6. oh sorry... last comment was from Bekka


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