Thursday, December 23, 2010

and we're BACK/promised pics


Traveling is nice, but there's absolutely nothing like coming home.

I am sitting at my Dining Room table, drinking coffee, listening to Addison reacquaint with her jumper while listening to her SS CD, and watching beautiful snow fall outside.

I am thankful that Addison and I are safely back home.

Flying alone with a ten month old? Overall, not too stressful. However, if I were to give her a rating for our total of four flights, here are her scores:

1. angel
2. angel
3. angel.

(Earlier in the day before the really awful flight, Chubbs had previously - launched herself headfirst off of my bed, rolled over and started licking an electrical outlet, and got her earring caught on my sock and almost pulled it right out of her ear. I guess I should have known that something bad was coming.)

For our third flight, we got upgraded to first class for free since Addison was the only baby on the plane and the pilot wanted to make sure we had plenty of room. Merry Christmas indeed.

The last flight, I asked if the flight was full to see if we could get an empty seat next to us and the attendant looked at me and said in a sarcastic voice,

"So pretty much you want your own private jet."

Is it just me, or do these airport personnel have entirely too much power? (on a side note, I find it very unfair that just because my daughter can't go through the metal detector due to devices in her heart...I always have to have the embarrassing/privacy defying "pat down". not a fan. the first pat down was administered by someone that I'm pretty sure goes to my church. totally redefines the word AWKWARD.)

But back to the flight story. After I wordlessly backed away from the sarcastic flight personnel with baby in hand, he actually had a change of heart and meekly came and found us walking around a couple of gates over and said that we were all set.

Turns out, it was really good that we had our own little row, because on that flight, after an hour of quiet flying, little Miss Chubbs/demon child decided that she had had enough.

It came out of nowhere. The screaming was loud, shrill and quite horrifying. I could not get her to stop screaming. Even puffs would only work for the amount of time that it took her to consume them. She would eat the puff just to the point of really soggy and then viciously spit out the puff onto the chair in front of us and continue screaming. A bottle worked for long enough to sooth her sore throat and then the screaming would commence again. She at one point fell asleep while screaming, but it only lasted twenty was merely to replenish her energy for more screaming because she woke up with a start and picked right up where she left off.

This lasted for one hour. This behavior was so out of sync for Chubbs that at one point I turned on our light and studied her carefully to make sure that I had grabbed the right baby at the airport.

I felt so horrible for everyone else on the flight, although they were pretty nice about it. The flight seemed to consist of mostly college students and armed forces personnel flying home for the holidays. I will say, the looks of pity that I was receiving from the fellow passengers were the same looks of pity that I received from everyone after our Down syndrome diagnosis. That realization bothered me.

The only thing I could think of was- Addison was overtired and maybe her ears hurt from the pressure change? No clue. But glad to have my cheerful baby back and that that flight finally ended.

I know this sounds weird, but I am thankful that she was able to cry for an hour. Her endurance has never been that good. Her cry used to be a pitiful one syllable and then her energy/lung capacity was gone. Watch out baby can now make some serious noise! As exhausting/frustrating as that flight was, I love seeing such noticeable progress!

Flight drama aside, we had a wonderful visit with my family. Here is a sampling of pics from the trip:

My two lovely sisters with Addison and Lauren, Addison's brand new cousin. You can tell that Addison loves Lauren already.

This is my amazing brother, Jon, with his nieces. Yes single ladies, he is available. But I must warn you, you have to pass the careful screening of three sisters to get to him. (-:

Lauren still isn't quite sure what to think of Addison.

But she appreciated the warm shoulder when a nap became imminent.

This is the demeanor that Addison had for all three angelic flights. Picture from the demonic one? Nope, hands were full trying to soothe the troubled baby. Can you imagine this face having a melt down???
Sister Andria thought that Addison was in love with her, in all reality, Chubbs was fond of eating Aunt Andi's wardrobe....Banana Republic scarf.....yummy. What can I say- the girl has good taste.

OK, before you totally laugh at me for this picture, allow me to explain. You know those really great smiling pictures of Chubbs that everyone loves so much??? Yep, this is the face that I have to make to elicit that smile from her. Totally worth it.

Note to Andria: I find the signature of taking a picture of your feet along with your subject interesting. Perhaps you should rename your photography business FeetFoto or perhaps BigToe Photography. Just a suggestion. (love you)Italic

Anyway, back to Lauren and Addison. Cousins. Best of friends.
Well, most of the time. Yes, Addison, we can see what you're trying to do.
Love my baby.

The cousin stare down competition.

Yep, Lauren won.
The proud grandparents with their two grandbabies.

Chubbs will definitely miss getting to hang out with her cousin every day.
So yeah, we're back and trying to recover from the trip....glad to be back to my computer. I missed all of you and look forward to catching up on your posts from the past week!

It was so nice to meet/speak with some blog followers out in Milwaukee. Thank you all so much for putting up with my ramblings and for all of your encouragement!

So thankful that while in Wisconsin, one of my mother's friends gave me the entire Baby Signing Time DVD/book set. I have to wait for my absolutely wonderful mother to mail them to me, but I am so overwhelmed at that gesture. What a huge blessing!

Also, Anna, Addison already loves her new little friend. Thank you. Pictures to follow. (-:

Happy Christmas Eve Eve everybody! (-:


  1. First off...Laughed ALL the way through your travel stories, the way you describe things is hilarious! Chubbs did a great job getting you first class seats...Who could resist a baby THAT cute!
    Secondly, the pictures of the two little cousins together...ADORABLE! What sweet girls :)
    And thirdly, I missed you in blogging land, so I'm glad you're home!!
    Merry Christmas!

  2. We LOVE all the pictures of Addison with her new little cousin Lauren! How sweet they are together! Glad you two made it home safely, but so sorry about Addison's troubles on the last leg of the flight. Anna is happy that Addison likes her new little friend. Anna says, "Merry Christmas!"

  3. Okay, I just laughed out loud WHILE reading that entire post to my husband...he could barely make out my words, I was laughing so hard:) I hope while you're writing your mystery novel (don't forget, I get the first autographed copy) that you throw your wonderful humor in. Wish I was one of the bloggy friends that got to meet you have any relatives in Oregon you need to visit??

  4. Merry Christmas to you too!!!! I think those two girls are going to be the best of friends when they get older, I can see the love (and trouble) now! :)

    You "might" be able to get a salmon salad with some type of strawberry vinaigrette to work, but I'm not going to be the one to take the first bite! LOL As for tamales, no they are not hard to make. We buy our masa pre-made from a local Mexican bakery/grocery store. We use pork for the's a recipe my mom has had for year so not sure it's written down anywhere, but I'd be happy to write it down and email it to you sometime next week...or I'm sure you can find a great recipe on line (I just haven't looked!). There really is nothing better than fresh steamed tamales!!!

    I hope Chubbs has a fabulous first Christmas!!!!

  5. Welcome back, Deanna! We've missed you and Chubbs' shenanigans!!

  6. Anna and I forgot to mention that we LOVED meeting Addison and seeing you as well, Deanna! We think Addison is sweet, adorable, soft, and snuggly!! Anna asked me when we could go to your house to visit Addison. :)

  7. I'm so glad that you had a great vacation, even though you had a demon baby for one flight. Claire has been on 4 flights so far, but I've always had help. You are BRAVE to do it by yourself!


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