Monday, November 29, 2010

frustrated with medicine....again.

Well, tomorrow was supposed to be a simple day.

A therapy appointment. Cuddling time with my daughter.

Get lots done on the house.

Until I got a reminder call from the Pediatrician's office reminding us of an appointment for tomorrow that I have absolutely no memory of making and do not have written down in any of my appointment books. (She has so many appointments, it was only a matter of time.)

Anyway, now we have Physical therapy at 9:30 and a doctor's appointment (with shots) at 10:30....cutting it a mite close.

I called to see what the doctor's appointment was for, and they said for the flu shot and for a "re-check".

"A re-check of what?" I asked, confused.

After talking to three different people, no one was really sure.

But I kept the appointment because I saw it as a golden opportunity to ask the medicine question that I blogged about last week. (Moral Dilemma)

I did call her cardiologist (I took your advice, thank you). I finally heard back from him today. Via voicemail. Pretty much he said.

"We don't care what you think. Boston and I agree- she needs to be on the full doseage of sildenafil for her Pulmonary Hypertension. Call us if you have any questions, but it will probably take us another week to get back to you."

I may have taken the liberty of paraphrasing just a tad.


I'm taking tomorrow's appointment as a sign that Dr. Costello has a different opinion for us.

Also- after fifty minutes of intense therapy and a doctor's appointment with shots....can you say

long nap for Chubbsy?????? Hoping there's an upside to our stressful morning.


  1. Praying for wisdom for you and the doctors! Keep us posted...

  2. will be praying this morning for you...praying for just the right words to say to the dr, and that dr costello will be patient and understanding and actually hear what you are saying.....let us know!!


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