Sunday, November 21, 2010

random, random

I'm not going to lie...I've been pretty stressed and cranky lately. Chubbs has had to do the relaxing for both of us. (and you were wondering what the secret was to her great skin)

She has also acquired some new wheels which she is still unsure about...

Chubbs attended high school again this week. She was the best behaved student there. (Sometimes a mom just has to multitask)

Chubbs, like every good band director's daughter has learned to sleep through a band rehearsal...

She made this with her PCA one day while I was at school. It made me smile.

Here's to only working one day this week and hoping for some balance and sanity to return to my life......


  1. AAAAHHHAHAHAHAHA I laughed out loud at the first picture! We've missed you, Chubbs!!!

  2. missed your posts and pics of Chubbs......hope to see LOTS of you over the Thanksgiving holiday. Love you......

  3. You sat and probably slept through many of your dad's band reheasals as a preschooler! All that early childhood music education made a difference! You listened to many piano lessons as well! I'm glad Addison is being surrounded by much good music!

  4. When does she start playing the cello?

    Grampa Smith

  5. I'm crazy impressed she slept through band practice!


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