Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Pierced Ears

Typical morning lounging shot of Addison...but that a twinkle on her ear?

yes, yes looks like there has been some new accessorizing done

It makes her look so grown up

This is what always happens now when I try to take pictures of little girl (-:

So I realize that piercing your baby's ears can be somewhat of a controversial subject, but Aaron and I decided long ago that it's something that we agreed on and thought Chubbs would do OK with it.

I had told myself that I wouldn't deal with the earrings plus a nasal cannula at the same time, so that we would get it done after the oxygen was gone for good. We have been waiting to do this for months.

I've seen Addison face a lot of painful things
-a g-tube pulled mercilessly out of her stomach to replace it with a Mic-Key button after it had already started to heal around the tube
-recovering from three surgeries
-her fair share of IV insertions, blood drawn, shots

The poor little girl has scars all over her body. I figured it was about time to add a physical milestone that would be fun and sparkly.

What I didn't anticipate was how mad she got. For her last shots, her face barely even changed expression. She is used to pain.

I don't think that the piercing hurt as much as it surprised her and made her mad. She wailed and wailed. The entire mall came running to see who was torturing the baby. (the large alligator tears really killed me)

I was glad to have Kristen with me to help (by taking pics, moral support, and she was my medical opinion if Addison had any sort of bad reaction.)

Anyway, Chubbs wailed for a bit, absolutely spitting mad that we would dare put her through that.

By the time I carried her to the car, she was fast asleep exhausted from all of the effort her solo screams had taken out of her.

By the time we got home (20-30 min later). She woke up as happy as can be. She was talking and laughing and trying to scoot all over the place. The incident was totally forgotten.

She hasn't tried to touch the earrings yet either. But she seems to know that they are there and has acted somewhat older. She is full of things to say. (-:

Here we were picking out her earrings. (yes, we started out with socks on...she simply will not keep them on.)
Getting ready
We had a short chat so that she would know what to expect.

I'm not going to include the pictures of where she got so need to re-live that. Here's a pic of the comforting and the attitude that she had. She said
"I'm not very happy right now, but would like to look in that mirror again."
And this was during her short nap. I can't believe how cute they turned out.
I was so nervous to get this done, even though I have wanted it for so long. It really helps push her from the baby look into the almost one year old look.

Bring on the bling, baby.


  1. I love them!!! I had my ears pierced at her age and agreed that if I ever had a girl she would get them pierced young. So much easier to keep them clean when they are this little....not to mention it's so cute!

    I love the picture of her looking up at you!!!

  2. Just when you think Chubbs couldnt possibly look any cuter!! I love them, so adorable!! I did all three of my girls at exactly that age...Actually with my oldest daughter I got some pretty dirty looks and scowls when I went to do hers...The girls who worked there were disgusted with me because I was piercing her ears...Heres my thing though...No one questions when a Mother wants to cut the top of her sons penis off, I mean "circumsize" them when there is NO medical reason to do so, there may be religous reasons but most Moms I know do it simply for appearance, so ya, no one has a problem with that, but take a little girl in to get earings and all hell breaks loose!! LOL...whatever, I think it looks SUPER cute!!


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