Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Flying McPhee?

Some Pictures from today's therapy appointment

Sitting and waiting for Odette (her PT) to arrive

Taking the opportunity to do a few warm up stretches

Building leg strength is hard work.

So is holding yourself up with your arms

But a favored toy can make a lot of activities more interesting
But not too interesting.
"Hey, after standing practice, could we try flying?"

"My suggestion is not being taken seriously."

"I said, could we try flying next?"
"Why is no one listening to me?"
She may have a killer pouty face, but she is smart enough to know when "no" is "no".

"Sitting up?"

"Oh please, I could do this in my sleep."

"Are we done here?"

After a packed therapy appointment (to get 1.5 hours worth of therapy in 50 min) we headed over to her Pediatrician's office for a shot.

I was able to share my concerns with Dr. Costello about the Sildenafil. He very sympathetically listened to me.

His solution was that I should put her back on the medicine full time and watch very carefully if it affects her negatively again. His thought was that she could have just had a breakthrough that had nothing to do with being off the medicine that just happened to line up with the week that she wasn't receiving her regular dosage.

However, if I do notice it happening again, he is going to speak to the cardiologist for us. He took me very seriously and seemed to think my opinion very important. That is how you know you have a good Pediatrician. I am so extremely thankful for ours.

Oh and yes, Chubbs passed out for several nice long hours after returning from the doctors. Nap time is one of those things that just gets better with age.(-:


  1. How do you make me laugh out loud EVERY SINGLE TIME you do these posts? Seriously, I'm not usually the LOL type, even if I use it in my typing a lot. But I can't help it when you put captions to Chubb's pictures!!!!

  2. I'm so glad Addison's doctor really listened to you, Deanna! That is great news! Love all of these sweet pictures of Addison! So cute to see how much she likes to "fly"!! I'm sure her Daddy didn't teach her that, did he?!! ;)

  3. These post always make me laugh too...I love them! Thats really good that your Doctor listened to you and took your concerns seriously...At least you know you have been heard. Thats great :)

  4. We have loved Essex pedes for 21 years now. Jenna hated to have to leave after graduation! :(

  5. I love that girl! I hope to meet you guys someday :D

  6. Say hi to Dr. Costello! I loved that Doctor! This is so great that flying Chubbs McPhee got him too.

    Take care


  7. YAY! Great news! Is it just the lighting in the pics, or is Addison's hair getting super thick - with some curl!? So pretty!

  8. cute new pics..and i love the captions :)

  9. So glad you got to talk to Dr. Costello about the medicine. He is such a nice guy. You can always tell a good doc when they listen and treat the patients well AND the nurses too! Super cute pics of Addison

  10. I'm so glad to hear that your Ped really listened to your concerns!


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