Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Chubbs joins the bath club

I have long since had a serious thing for baths.

Long, sudsy, luxurious, piping hot bubble baths- complete with lighted scented candles surrounding the room and perhaps a DVD player set up within watching distance or a CD player belting forth soothing tones.

There is something intoxicating about soaking in a bathtub that causes all troubles to just melt away as you bury yourself in bubbles and slowly relax away all of the tension and stress that your day has built up within you.

This obsession started back when we lived in Minnesota. For those of you who don't know this- IT IS COLD IN MINNESOTA!

very, very, very cold.

The entire month of January usually stays in the negative temperatures. Don't get me wrong, I loved living in Minnesota. It's just that...waiting for a long time in the cold for my bus to pick me up and take me downtown where I then had a long trek in the cold and biting wind..... all while hauling my large double clarinet case on my back as I dutifully went to grad school each day.....I got cold.

very, very, very cold.

Thus, I began my bath tradition. At least once a week, I would fill the tub and warm myself up with a deliciously soothing soak (It helped that we didn't have to pay for water at this point in our lives) I became hooked. Baths and I started something very special, which we have nurtured to this day.

This obsession almost got me in a lot of trouble back a few years. We had recently moved to Vermont, and I had no intention of giving up my fabulous bath hour every week. However, we rented an apartment with only a 3/4 bathroom...which means shower only. We thought that we would only be renting it for a very short time (we were looking for a house to buy), and I had convinced myself that I could tough it out.

Turns out I don't have what it takes to live without a bathtub.

Month turned into long lonely month, and I missed my tub time.

So, I did what any self respecting bath lover would do- I bought a very large tupperware container that doubled nicely as a bathtub. (I looked into actually buying a bathtub to just put in a random room....but it turns out that they all have holes in them where the drain is supposed to go...big fat bummer)
As I was typing this post, I decided that I really should take a pic of this infamous tupperware, so I ran down to the basement and took a quick pic of its dusty self. It hasn't been used as a bath tub in a long time.

But for a while, this plastic tub was my salvation. Once a week (still not paying for water) I would boil water on the stove, and faithfully fill up my blue friend who was sitting patiently in the living room in front of the TV waiting for our magical moment.

Friends and family jeered and laughed at me and my plastic was made to be the butt of many, many jokes. I just smiled....I had the ability to fill up my tub and have my weekly sudsy soaking appointment, so I didn't care. Where there is a will for a bath...there is a way to make one happen.

(This method worked great until the neighbors decided to drop in unannounced one night while I was soaking away in the Living Room.....right in clear sight of the front door...Can you say embarrassing moment?)

Anyway, why do I tell you this long, somewhat boring tale? Certainly not to revive those plastic bathtub jokes...

I tell you this information because today Addison took her first long sudsy soak in the big tub.

When we finally bought our house (1.5 years ago) I made it quite clear to my husband that a nice bathtub was important to me. Thus, this is now my bathtub:
Yes, we get along quite famously. Today, Addison donned a swim diaper (no floaties in the big tub, please) and joined Mommy for a sudsy, jets turned off, slightly cooler than usual soak.....smelling the scented candles and trying to eat the soap.

She smiled, laughed and enjoyed her sippy cup full of apple cider (beverages...very important part of tub time). I told her all about last year's baths, where for the first time a bath didn't take my mind completely off of my problems. I sat quite often and contemplated her, my unborn baby. I told her that all I knew was that she was a girl. And that she had Down Syndrome, but beyond that I didn't know what to expect.

She stared back at me with wide eyes touching her chubby arm to my shoulder as if to comfort me. Then, she snuggled back up and kicked her feet up through the bubbles, enjoying the time with Mommy and smiling as she realized that she was taking a bath in the big tub.

I have to say- out of all of my baths since my tradition started- today's was definitely the best bath ever.

The smiles that were radiating from her face and the twinkle coming from her slightly almond eyes....that is what bath time is all about.

Welcome to the bath club, Chubbs.


  1. I love my bathies too!! I don't think I would ever fill a tupperware container. WOW. You are...creative!
    And I thought I had a great tub, but steps leading up to yours? That's not a tub, it's a throne! Yay for you!

  2. Deanna: Shouldn't you have given credit to your water boy that filled your tupperware tub?

  3. the water boy emptied the tub....i filled it...yes, i appreciate him (-:

  4. LOL...I cant believe you had a bath in there, thats awesome! And like Patti said, VERY creative!! Sounds like you had a wonderful time with Chubbs :)
    And your bathroom is AMAZING!!!


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