Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Bear Chair


Will you be my friend?

I'll always give you a soft place to sit
and will hold you close so that you never feel alone.
and will put this smile on your face....
with love,
The Bear Chair (waiting for a cuter name...suggestions?)

Thank you, Benoits for passing this along to us! It's a huge hit with Chubbs already!

Side note: Quick reflexes have already come in handy with this chair as Chubbs tends to play skydive McPhee off of her new chair when she thinks that I'm not ready to catch her....


  1. Bunson. I don't know why.. I just think Bunson Bear sounds cute :)

  2. Captain Teddy is my vote!
    PS. I love the Teddy Bear song.... : )


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