Thursday, October 14, 2010

Therapy Update

Addison has been making good therapy progress of late. I am excited that we didn't lose weeks due to surgery recovery. Her progress is slow, but definitely happening. Here are some pics and a video of her working hard...

Today during PT: Her sitting up has come so far even just in this last week. Today she sat all by herself with no hands supporting her for a few seconds. Hopefully we can continue to increase that amount of time.

standing...some days she wants to stand, some days she gets very upset when we try...

Today she was pretty cool with it. We found that if we sing to her or play music for her while asking her to do PT, she cooperates nicely. As soon as there isn't music to be heard, she fusses and stiffens her body, flailing and refusing to cooperate.

night time story with Daddy...not therapy but I had to throw this one in (-:

self feeding therapy...she is getting much better at this...
Ok, I had to post this video even though Addison doesn't actually put the puff in her mouth at the end of the 40 seconds. She did put it in her mouth, but it took her much longer than that to find her mouth...(-: I wanted to show you her obsession with puffs since I have been mentioning it so much lately...notice how her eyes light up when I say the word...


  1. Lets start to call Addison Puffer Mcphee!

  2. I love the photo of her with her daddy reading her a story! So precious!

  3. She's doing great! The video is too funny, she really wants that puff! Ha ha

  4. First of all those baby legs are just too cute! Secondly she's doing awesome...the way she focuses on that puff is great! Won't be long and she'll be shoving them in her mouth as fast as she can. Sutter is good at picking them up off of his tray, but he probably only gets 1 out of every 10 in his mouth! LOL


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