Wednesday, October 20, 2010

small encouragements

"yeah, these legs are good for something other than dancing"

Just finished our second doctor's appointment for today...third for the week (yes, it is wednesday)...and we have another one tomorrow.

Addison did so, so, so well at the appointments today. Although, I will say, she has an acute sense of timing. For example: her persistent cough? disappeared during the entire dr's appointment. her little bladder? chooses the moment that the Pediatrician has the diaper open to relieve itself. Urine was spraying everything- the Dr's tie, the Dr's dress pants, Mommy's leg, the get the picture. It was quite an impressive range, actually.

This morning's appointment- we met with the sleep study doctor and set up the overnight sleep study which will determine if she can come off of oxygen completely. Our Thanksgiving travel plans depend on these results as I pretty much refuse to fly with oxygen. (I don't think that is being unreasonable) Our overnight appointment is Nov 12th. Wish that this wasn't being cut so close, but I'm not sure how I could have done anything differently.

This afternoon's appointment- 9 month check up and flu shot. It is amazing how the smallest of compliment from your child's Pediatrician can make you feel like mom of the year. (This feeling quickly fades as you remember that your child just peed on the Pediatrician) Dr. Costello was commenting today how he just can't believe how Addison is so healthy so fast. He mentioned how extremely sick she was when she was born and how he never dreamed she would be as far along as she is. He said that he was truly amazed by Addison's progress and that we were doing a good job with her.
Admittedly, our job as parents is such a teeny, tiny part of the grand scheme of things that I took the compliment with a grain of salt. But, it was nice to hear.

Also, I would like to say that Addison didn't so much as make a peep for her flu shot. I guess that is one of the up sides to having a lot of doctor's appointments for your child...getting poked by needles is almost a daily occurrence for why waste energy crying over it?

Today's post is rather disjointed, but I would like to conclude by saying how thankful I am.

I am thankful for a healthy, happy baby who continuously puts a smile on my face (yes, I will be laughing over the urine incident the rest of the day).

Thankful for God's work in Addison's life to bring her so far in such a short amount of time.

Thankful for the small encouragements

...the creamer in life's coffee

...the chocolate chunks in life's ice cream

...the melted butter on top of life's freshly baked bread

Thankful for all of you and the reminder that even with bad days...there will be better ones and that there are people out there reading my rantings who care...that means so much...(can't decide if that qualifies as the creamer, chocolate chunks or butter...any is pretty awesome)


  1. Yay, Addison!!!

    Lily just had her 9 month check up yesterday tooo...a whopping 12 pounds. Sigh. Maybe Addison can share some weight gaining tricks with Lils??

  2. sweet potato puffs...all the way (-:

  3. Ha ha, Russell has peed on our Dr. twice now! Addison is growing beautifuly, she looks so happy and healthy all the time...And YOU are a BIG reason for that!
    I hope this upcoming sleep study will go well for you guys and Addison can get off the oxygen for good!

  4. Different things make different people cry. This one definitely did that to me. ;( Good stuff.

  5. thanks for your post, I needed to read that, it is so amazing for me to read about addison and "hear" how well she is doing, it really is a miracle...your own little beautiful miracle...pretty cool!

  6. How much does Addison weigh now? She is so cute!


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