Sunday, October 10, 2010


judging me

laughing at me

Ok, those of you who read this are going to laugh at me (as Chubbs is doing in the above picture...hopefully you don't also imitate the judging picture). I am sort of laughing at myself. I'm sure none of you do this.

I had an epiphany this weekend about myself and about my parenting style.

I constantly have lists that I create that I never seem to finish. I like to do and go and I like to do things fast. In school, 95% of the things that I got wrong on tests and such were because I rushed through it so that I could work on something else. When it comes to practice time, I am a firm believer in quality time verses quantity. I got bored easily by the 5 hour practice sessions (not to mention not having 5 hrs because I had packed my schedule so full), so I would cut that in half but get just as much done by carefully budgeting and planning out the time ahead of time. This has always been something I have struggled with. I like to move through life too fast. Chubbs has really been teaching me to slow down, but it wasn't until this weekend that I realized how much I still have to learn.

All of that to say, I realized something shocking this weekend. I can't rush being a Mother. I can't rush my time with Chubbs. It seems obvious, but I never stopped to really think about it that way until now.

Yesterday morning, I had nothing planned, so I made a list of all of these things around the house that I wanted to do, but told myself I would spend time with Chubbs first.

I gave her a little violin lesson, we did practice sit up time, we read a book, we practiced eating solid foods, we smiled and talked. I was pretty pleased with myself with all that we had "gotten done". I put her down for her nap in her crib and wondered why she was wearing a bit of a shell shocked expression. As I walked away, I checked the time. We had done all of ten minutes. I wish I was joking.

Wow, I felt like a horrible mom. Yes, my list was important, but more important than actually taking time to do all of these things with my daughter? I realized that the speed at which a 26 year old with a masters degree can do those things is a far cry from what an 8 month old with DS can accomplish. Ooops.

Live and learn? I hope so. Here's to SLOWING DOWN and letting Chubbs take life at her own pace.

Tips on slowing down to meet your child's pace?


  1. I have this problem also, lol. As I am doing something I will be thinking of the next thing I need to get done.
    Having Russell has made me approach things differently though, I have come to realize not everything I want to happen, can, or will get done on "MY" time line. I realized that I need to slow down more and go with the flow...and thats a hard one for me...But I am getting there.
    Instead of following my scheduel of all the things I want to get done I make sure that when Russell is awake that MY time is HIS time...all of it! And when he goes down for a nap I do the things I feel I need to do.

  2. hey! our teacher gave us some exercises for cam, since his arms aren't super strong yet, but he can somewhat support himself...we do four point exercises...they are hard to explain but i will try...i sit on the floor with one leg at a 90 degree angle in front of me and the other the same direction but behind so my weight is placed to one side...then camden sits over my front leg in a crawling position (four point) with my front leg supporting his tummy and my back holding his legs in the crawling position (since he likes to kick out). the sits in the position that i was in before with his arms in front supporting him, that way he can see how to get into four point from a sitting position and help build arm strength...i have to say he wasn't a fan when we started last week...but he is coming around and i can really see it working. i don't know if any of that made sense lol.


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