Tuesday, October 19, 2010

sandpaper, spasms, soggy puffs

Do you ever have one of those days where...

-you forget to take chapstick to work and while you are endlessly teaching, your lips feel more and more like gritty sandpaper and you start to wonder if they will maybe just fall off entirely

-you sit in a department meeting where such severe budget cuts are required for next year that you fear for your job

-you come home from work and your back is spasming so badly it is literally all you can do to just lie on the couch with a pillow in just the right spot hoping that your baby will contentedly play for just a few more minutes

-you finally rise off the couch of pain to feed solid foods to your daughter and she delights in pushing out every last little bit of baby food with that ever moving tongue and gleefully spitting out extremely soggy puffs into high arcs that accompany showers of sweet potato

-you find yourself severely discouraged in an at home project that you have spent countless hours trying to achieve that almost seems like throwing time down a dark abyss

-you look forward vainly to your day off only to check your voicemail and realize that you will be attending two doctors appointments instead of tackling your "to do" list- one in the middle of the morning, one in the middle of the afternoon

-you start to feel sorry for yourself for your horrible day when you suddenly realize


....none of the things on your "feel sorry for" list include the fact that your daughter has Down Syndrome

and you are thankful because....

-there was a time in life where you thought that nothing would ever seem worse than the fact that your daughter had DS. you thought that your life would never return to normal. you thought that everything bad in your life was now your daughter's diagnosis. you thought that "normal" days and activities would be forever tainted.

-you realize how much your perspective has changed and you become so thankful for your bad day because it helped remind you of that.

-it turns out that life does return to normal. that you still have good days and bad days that have nothing whatsoever to do with DS...who would've thought?


  1. Such an awesome post!! Thank you for such a sweet and honest post. Hope your evening gets better! And give that sweet baby girl a kiss from me:)

  2. Great post, Deanna! I love your blog <3 it's definately on of my favorites!

  3. Yep! I have these days all the time. They are hectic, and revolve around Claire, but not around Ds.


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