Sunday, October 24, 2010

pumpkin hats

hanging out with the newest boy on the block...apparently they both got the nap memo

"we don't care that our hats match. why are you making us take this picture?"

Addison: "is this hat messing up my hair?"
Cam: "there's a strange girl lying next to me!"

This weekend has been super busy, but good. So many wonderful things packed so closely together! Hoping Addison doesn't choose to repeat last Sunday's incident of no sleep, because my bed looks pretty good right about now.

I have nothing profound or elegant to say tonight. I have tried some really new recipes lately, but am a little afraid to post them because I feel that that is not what you want to read? I know my blog is "everything and nothing", but sometimes I tend to stick to the things that I get the most response from (AKA Addison's smiling face). But, I keep reminding myself that this blog is primarily for me, not to "please" whoever might choose to read this, and the cooking bit is pretty important to my everyday life. All of that to say, I think I might start posting some more recipes. Thoughts?


  1. Like you said, it's your blog, post what you want! I'm always on the lookout for new recipes.

  2. I love recipe posts!!! A hearty yes comin' all the way from Corvallis to Essex;)
    Love Addison's "is this hat messing my hair up" pic:)

  3. You made a potato dish a thousand years ago when my family visited your family. I remember that potato dish cause it was sooooo good! Any chance you remember it to post that recipe? I vote recipes from your past... :)

  4. Always up for new tested recipes if they are good.

  5. recipes are always good...I get bored with my day to day baking, so give me new idea! :)


  6. The recipes you post inspire me to greatness!

  7. I love to see pictures of your food creations! It's fun! I haven't tried any of your recipes, but that's just because I rarely cook or bake. but I love to see pictures of delicious food, and for some strange reason, I'm attracted to cookbooks! (Yet, I hate to cook! Go figure!) Bring on the recipes (sprinkled with pictures of Addison!)


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