Sunday, October 31, 2010

Playing Dress Up

I can't think of a better day of the year to play dress up than Halloween.

Chubbsy couldn't decide what to be for her first Halloween, so we tried out several different outfit combinations. What do you think is her best look?

1. Pumpkin McPhee
(Seen in Header)

2. Doll McPhee
(not really, but this is what she wore to church this morning, so we had to start with this...thanks to Grandma Smith for the outfit)
3.Princess McPhee

4. Skier McPhee

"Just call me 'Lindsey Vonn"
Super G McPhee
5. Strawberry McPhee

6. Skiing Strawberry McPhee

7. Farmer McPhee

8.Clown McPhee

9. Naked/Anne Geddes Audition McPhee

We stopped after nine new looks because she started getting mad at me...but we had fun up until this point. (-:


  1. a big fan of the Lindsey Vonn shot and Farmer Mcphee #1

  2. i love the lindsey Vonn McPhee


  3. I loved Skier Mcphee :) Patti's little girl,Lily, has that strawberry outfit :D It's too cute

  4. OH MY GOODNESS LILS IS A STRAWBERRY!!! i was going to post pics tomorrow, but i don't think she was as cute as chubbs:)

  5. can you send me a pic of lily in her strawberry outfit? i'll see if i can paste them into the same picture...matching for their first halloween...would be so cute. (-:

  6. I dont know how you could possibly chose just one!!!! Addison you are a sweetheart!! I loved the clown McPhee look a whole lot :)

  7. I don't think I can decide which one I like best!! They are all so cute! Addison is a princess already, so maybe Strawberry McPhee!

  8. I loved the Strawberry McPhee! The farmer McPhee take 1 made me laugh... she is sooo cute!-Bekka


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