Friday, October 8, 2010


Now that all of the drama is slowly fading behind us, we can focus on normal life and on everyday beauty and excitement.
Such as:

Enjoying the beautiful fall mums that Daddy brought home for us. (S&D Landscapes)

Making Gwampa Smith a birthday cake. (He claims that it is still spelled Grandpa, but Mommy claims that he is pronouncing it with a "w" in there somewhere....)
Playing Sack 'O Potatoes with Daddy
Snuggling with Gwampa at his birthday celebration, telling him that you blew off the heart surgery just to be home for his birthday.
Adoring Daddy

And gazing some more at those beautiful mums

Yep, everyday life is pretty awesome. Calm, unhurried time spent at home with family- there is nothing better.


  1. That cake is fabulous!! Are you going to give a recipe/tutorial??

  2. thank you! i've been debating. some of the past baking tutorials that i've posted haven't received a lot of interest. i think i might still post it, though, since it is part of my "everything and nothing" (-:

  3. please do! sometimes I don't seem to get a lot of interest when I post recipes, and then later I have people tell me they used the ideas, just never commented..that cake looks like something out of a magazine!


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