Sunday, October 17, 2010

Interpretive Dance/Frog Eating McPhee

A little bit of deliciousness for your Sunday evening:

Ok, the following pics show the dramatic difference between Mommy and Daddy:
"It's my Daddy"

"Hi Daddy!"

"I love you."

"Are we about done here?"

"I'm not going to smile because I know you want me to."

"Yeah, it is so not happening."

Warming up for her dance number:

Interpretive Dance/Frog Eating McPhee (this girl has moves!)


  1. That video made me laugh! She is soo cute and she has some great movies!!

  2. Hi there, found your blog through Ashley! Love it, definitely be back! Your little Addison is adorable =]

  3. thankfully she got her sense of rhythm from her mother....but i will take credit for the moves

  4. WHAAAAAAAAAAAAATT???? I don't get it??? How is she doing that??? She is too little to do that??? WHat is the trick???

  5. I cannot stop watching this!!! Seriously, Deanna- are those her real legs?? How does a baby do that??

  6. you need to put this on youtube- you will get 4 million hits i promise!!

  7. Those legs! I love it! Pretty sure I can't even do that! LOVE IT! Made me laugh in disbelief.

  8. yes, those are her real legs. (-: it all started when one of my friends gave us this CD with children's Bible songs personalized with Addison's name. she absolutely loves it, and we listen to it every Sunday during jump up time. she dances away while listening to it...wish i could say i taught it to her, but she honestly just does it all on her own.

  9. If you sent this into America's Funniest Home videos it would win for sure. She is so stinking cute and talented!!
    P.S. Are those Hardy Boys books on the shelf behind your husband??? :P

  10. thanks! yes, hardy boy books. my husband loved them when he was younger and when i found them at a garage sale for 1.25 for a set of them...i couldn't resist! he still reads them occasionally. (-:

  11. My boys have been hooked on them for years, I thought I recognized the binding:) What a sweet wife!


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