Tuesday, October 5, 2010


I am sitting in Addison's cardio recovery room- tiny beyond all imagination and about a million degrees, but I am not complaining and am very thankful!

The Cath Doctor was able to successfully close her hole via a device up her leg during the catheterization. I mentioned in yesterday's post that this was a possibility, but we were afraid to get our hopes up.

Well, it worked, and Chubbs did beautifully! She sailed through the procedure. Also- get this- they are discharging us tomorrow morning and we get to go home!

This is an extremely big upset in the plans that they had originally told us, but I DON'T CARE because Addison is safely through the procedure and no longer needs the surgery because of how well the cath went. YAY!

We just spoke with the Pulmonary Hypertension team, and they said that they observed during the cath that the oxygen really wasn't making enough difference to justify keeping her on it. We are to continue it at night only until her sleep study at the end of October, and if everything is fine there, then we are done with oxygen for good!!!!!

I really couldn't be more thrilled with this surprising turn of events. My baby is coming home tomorrow mostly off of oxygen and doesn't have to face the trauma of open heart surgery. Praise the Lord. I could really tell that so many of you were praying for her!

Immediately after the cath, she was extremely uncomfortable and screamed and fussed on and off for most of the afternoon- and then turned a deep red in reaction to one of the drugs they gave her. But, the redness faded, and the cries and screams turned in raspberries and talking noises as the anesthesia wore off and the soreness of her throat faded a bit.

She has been super hungry and already has eaten a lot of formula, apple and prune juice and has made decent progress knawing on the cords around her.

Typical Chubbs- bent on surprising everyone around her. So proud of my little girl and her hard work and bravery today, and so thankful that God is good and saw fit to make this journey a little bit easier for us today.


  1. WOOHOO!!!! That is such fabulous news, I'm beyond thrilled for all of you!!!!

  2. WOW! That is the best news! I am so happy for you :) I knew she would come through beautifully since it is my birthday and all! Congrats!

  3. Praising the Lord with you!!!

  4. Oh Deanna, I am SO happy for you guys!!! This is such fantastic news!! What a tough little girl Addison is...I'm pretty sure she gets that from her Mom :) I cant imagine what all this has been like for you...I am so glad your prayers were answered in so many wonderful ways :)
    Cant wait to see the newest Chubbs pictures!

  5. :) oh what amazing news! don't you love it when things seems somehow magical? and you get that little wink from God just to let you know he knows you. congrats! :) so beyond happy for you! and yay for no oxygen soon!!! i bet that is the best part!!!!

  6. Awesome! An awesome God, an amazing journey, with the "Chubbs". Congratulations! PTL!

  7. YAYAYAY! I have goose bumps! Thank you God! What a brave little girl. Wow. This is so so awesome!

  8. Wow. No words! Just thankful tears and feelings of joy on your behalf! :)

  9. So, so grateful to read this. God reminded me several times to pray for her - SO grateful!!!

  10. I'm so excited to hear that Addison didn't have to go through another OHS!!


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