Thursday, October 21, 2010

forgetting about the DS

Remembering back to when I came home every night for 5 weeks to an empty nursery.

Check out what I see every night in there now....
I know I post a lot about Addison's health needs and how stressful keeping up with them can be. Yes, at times they are overwhelming, but in no way do they take away from the amazing experience of motherhood I have had. If anything, they have enhanced it. How many of you can stand by the bedside of a baby attached to every conceivable wire and manipulate, unplug, and hit the right silence buttons so that you can pick up your baby and cuddle all the while continuously watching and adjusting her position based on what you see on the monitor? (also, how many of you have an oximeter along with a basket of nasal cannulas and cylinders of oxygen in your nursery....i'm thinking of selling the idea to pottery barn really classes the place up...(-: )

Do children with DS tend to have extra health needs? Yes, yes they do. As Chubbs has faced her fair share of them, I feel that I can say that with some certainty. However, do the rewards of having Chubbs in my life far outweigh all of the extra stuff that we have had to go through with her? Absolutely. I wouldn't trade beautiful Addison for any other baby. She has taught me more in these past 8.5 months about love, acceptance, and just life.

October is Down Syndrome awareness month. I haven't been posting the button every day or making each post primarily about Down Syndrome because to be honest, I don't think about it all that much.

My time is focused on my daughter and whatever she needs- be that therapy, extra doctor's visits, surgery....the cutest outfits known to mankind....yep, yep, yep, yep, and YEP. The extra chromosome that she possesses is just a small, small part of who she is as a person. I get so caught up in her beauty, personality, stubbornness (ha) that some days I forget that she even has Down Syndrome.

Other days, sadness over all of the extra stuff will rear its ugly head, but without a doubt, I am reminded of how blessed I am. I would use the word 'lucky', but this isn't luck. This is about God, choosing me, to be Addison's mom. I can't think of a better calling in life. This feels right.

Whatever myths, or stereotypes you may unobtrusively reference when you hear the words 'Down Syndrome'....most of them are probably not true. Babies, children, teens or adults with Down Syndrome- they are all people, just like you and me, and they deserve every opportunity and ounce of love that you can give them.

And you know what? My guess is that you will find yourself completely, helplessly in love.

Like I am with Chubbs. Could she be any more amazing?

Here's to throwing away stereotypes and labels and getting to know the people underneath. I think you might be surprised.


  1. Three cheers for you and Addison! Well done Dearest Daughter-In-Law...... God is so good!

    Grampa Smith

  2. Well said! Deanna, you rock, and so does your beautiful family! Jenny

  3. That must have been the longest five weeks of your life. And you're right- Chubbs couldn't get any more amazing!!

  4. LOved this! And what a sweet picture of Chubbs :)

  5. Deanna, this journey is absolutely beautiful. I don't comment on your posts much, but I am a "silent" and very touched observer. I can't wait to meet you and your little Addison, hopefully soon!

  6. Deanna- I didn't see an email on your profile, so I'm posting a random comment here. I read your comment on J's blog today, and it was so sweet...I wondered if that was how you were feeling today. I know because of a similar situation I went through awhile back. Speaking in code here, hehe, hope you can read between the lines. ANYWAY, Addison is the sweetest, I just can't say it enough:) hugs to you.


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