Saturday, October 9, 2010

answered prayer

Something has been really bugging me lately, and there is no better place to try to sort through things than here. (For me at least. You don't have to read my ramblings if you don't want to)

This has to do with answered prayer. I believe that we are to pray and ask God for requests, but I also believe that He has a sovereign plan that He has already planned to institute. He has our path already planned and designed. He doesn't go to "plan B" because of our prayers. (Note: I am not looking for a doctrinal debate here. I am just trying to sort out why this has been bugging me so much lately)

I don't think that our prayers "changed God's mind" about Addison's heart surgery. I think that is what He had in mind for her all along. Also, I recently saw a friend who during pregnancy was told that her baby had a chance of being born with DS and then was completely "normal" say that God had answered their prayer that their child was born without Down Syndrome.

I don't think that God designed a DS baby inside her womb and then "changed" the baby because of the prayers. We prayed for the doctors to have been wrong about Addison, and God's answer to us was that He knew better what we needed more than we did. It just wasn't in God's plan for this family to have a DS child. It just really bugged me to see it posted that it was an answer to prayer that their baby didn't have DS. To say that it was such a huge praise implies that it is a bad thing to have a baby with Down Syndrome. Sometimes the answer to the prayer is to have a baby with DS, and that is a big praise as well. That is what happened in our case. Addison was born with DS even though I prayed that she wouldn't have it. Today I praise the Lord that she does have it. That was my answer to prayer. Getting something so wonderful that I never dreamed would be the best thing that ever happened to me.

This post may make no sense. You may label me as a heretic. I have just been struggling with everyone's response to the fact that Addison's surgery was changed. Yes, I am extremely thankful that God saw fit to allow the problem to be fixed during the Cath. But, I don't think that He changed his mind because everyone was praying. I don't like that this might be viewed as a big, sensationalized dramatic turn of events as a result of "us". I think it was in His plan all along to do it this way, and He wanted to hear the prayers to signify trust in His sovereignly ordained plan.

Does this make any sense at all? Does anyone understand what I am trying to say? Do you have any thoughts you would like to share toward this somewhat delicate subject?


  1. To be honest I'm not sure I ever really thought about it like that, but it makes complete sense! We prayed after Sutter was born that the Dr's were wrong and that he didn't have Ds, but he did and no matter how much we prayed or how many people prayed for us it never would have taken away the already existing Ds....thank goodness! :)

    Just wanted to let you know that your "ramblings" opened my eyes this morning! Thank you!!!

  2. I started to write here but then deleted it cause it got way to long...I just have to much to say, lol...You have prompted me to do a post on this too!!
    This was excellent to read, a really great post, something I too have struggled with, faith and prayer and how the two work together. I am glad to know I am not the only one who has thought about this...Thank you for posting and sharing your feelings, your ramblings make perfect sense to me!
    BTW...LOVE the header at the top of your blog!!

  3. I completely agree with you! God does not have Plan B and our prayers do not "change His mind." But that's not to say that we shouldn't pray as I've heard many people say. I believe prayer is more for our benefit - it increases our faith and our relationship with God. Also, God commands us to bring our requests to Him, so prayer is part of our Christian duty as well.

  4. I struggle with this issue too..and I'm a pastor's wife!
    I had people- dear friends- tell me during my pregnancy that I needed to "claim" that Lily did not have ds (we didn't know for sure- just saw markers.) One friend told me about a mutual friend who had also had markers on her u/s. According to her, she stuck her finger in the doctor's face and said, "My baby does NOT have Down syndrome!" Apparently it was my lack of faith that caused Lily to have ds? That same friend was with me in the room when Lily was born..although I love her so much, she had NO words of encouragement, nothing to say after Lily was born. Can you imagine? Because what WOULD you say after telling a story like that?
    I do believe there are Biblical examples of God "changing His mind" -Sodom and Gomorrah, Hezekiah..
    But ds is a whole different realm for me. God created Lily, and Sutter and Addison and Russell to be who they are. I fully believe that. I honestly don't believe God didn't change them in the womb (like your friend) because we didn't pray hard enough, have enough faith, etc.
    Do we pray before we have kids for them to not have ds? Absolutely. Just like we pray for our kids not to have to struggle in any area of life- it's just what we loving parents do.
    We prayed..Lily still had I have to trust that this is God's plan for us, for her. Do I think that everything that happens in life- rape, murder, etc.- is "God's will"? Nope. But I can't look into Lily's little almond eyes and see her sweet smile and believe that she would have been anyone other than who she is if we would have just prayed harder.
    And here's something I think about all the time- if I hadn't had Lily, I wouldn't have all the "friends" I do online now. And that alone makes me glad God didn't answer my prayer the way I (capitol I) wanted Him to:)

  5. :) so well put. i believe the same thing. and i believe that trusting that Heavenly Father knows us and our needs is really all that we can do. he always answers prayers...and when we are in tune...they become, or were, what we always wanted.


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