Friday, October 15, 2010

21 for Chubbs McPhee

Saw this idea on one of our favorite blogs : Pudge and Zippy and have taken the liberty of stealing it. (-:

21 for Chubbs

1. Chubbs loves music. Especially at night, if we put her in her crib and turn on the classical music, she usually falls asleep within seconds. Music during PT also makes life much easier for all of us.

2. She isn't a big fan of sitting up, although she is getting pretty good at it.

3. She will eat any sort of baby food if there is a sweet potato puff perched neatly on top of it....without the puff the food goes in one side of the mouth and quickly out the other.

4. Chubbs is an extremely independent baby when it comes to eating her bottle. She almost always refuses to take a bottle while being cuddled and loved. No, Addison will only latch on and drink the milk if she is lying on her back with the bottle balanced precariously on a stuffed animal or wadded up blanket. I pick her up from nursery and without fail the workers inform me that she wasn't hungry and wouldn't take the bottle. As soon as we got home and I get her all set up, she latches on as though she's never seen food before.

5. Addison will chew on pretty much anything she can get close to her mouth right now. She is especially vicious when she sucks on her hands. She actually cut her tongue the other day on her fingernails (they weren't even that long) because of how hard she was chowing down. We think she is working on a tooth...our newest theory includes a molar popping to the surface in the very near future.

6. Addison's favorite person in the whole wide world is her Daddy. No matter what we are doing - when he gets home all activity stops as she stares up at him adoringly and coos for his attention.

7. Chubbs has had more doctors/therapy appointments than any baby should have had by 8 months. I figured out that her average of appointments vs days of life includes one appointment every three days. Note: that includes many combined therapy sessions, but does not includes all of the doctors she saw during her 5 week NICU stay.

(these next four are courtesy of Addison's Daddy)
8. Addison has the makings of an adrenaline junkie…..she loves flying time with her daddy and always appreciates an off road excursion in the truck—cant wait to teach her skiing

9. Addison loves a good story and has listened intently since her days in the NICU. Daddy feels her favorite is Mike Mulling and His Steam Shovel Mary Anne…mom may disagree

10. Addison for her attention needs is very shy and sometimes feigns sleep in big crowd situations since she is overwhelmed by all the people

11. Addison loves a good chuddle and likes to grab onto facial features and explore—she especially loves her mother’s earings and hair and her father’s lips and beard stubble.

12. Addison looks good in about every color, and we liberally test this theory as we enjoy dressing her in ensemble after ensemble. She enjoys getting all dressed up and posing for the camera.

13. Chubbs has the most beautiful smile and contagious laugh. If you kiss repeatedly under her chin, you almost always get the cutest little belly laugh that puts a smile on the face of every listener. Tonight when I was doing this, she kept throwing her head back, exposing the ticklish area and asking for more with short syllabled grunts and swats from her chubby hand.

14. Chubbs has so many people in her life that love her so much that most likely never dreamed that they would fall so hard for a little baby with Down Syndrome. Her goal in life is to continue wrapping her cute little self around hearts all over the world while changing the perception of DS to many.

15. Addison has her own private ski slope waiting for her in her front yard. Her Daddy even now has the proper tools with which to groom it. Now, if we can just get her to stand up...

16. Chubbs is a very stubborn, scratch that, determined baby. How else did she get rid of the Mic-Key after only five months and surprise everyone with her after surgery bounce back (she has had 3 surgeries)

17. When Chubbs cuddles up, puts her head in the crook of my neck, wraps her pudgy arms around my neck and contentedly breathes onto my shoulder- I honestly can't think of why I was ever scared for her to be my daughter.

18. Addison has her own violin with which we work with every day to help her practicing holding it. Some days she does very well, other days, the "bow" barely escapes destruction by way of the dark, clammy cave that resides on the other side of those deceptively sweet rosebud lips.

19. Sometime ago, Addison Lynnette was mysteriously nicknamed Chubbs McPhee. It fits. You will find us referring to her as simply Chubbs, or different variations of McPhee (Spa McPhee, Puff McPhee, Bath McPhee, Devil Child McPhee)

20. Addison used to hate her baths so much, she would wail and scream, but now she loves a good sudsy soak. She has two private bathtubs, one of them shaped like a duck. Mommy's large jetted tub is a little much for her right now, but I see her eying it with a jealous eye from time to time. Her latest bath project? Pooping out large floaters and then laughing when she sees her parents freak out...

21. Second to her Daddy, Addison loves her nasal cannula. Not on her face- but to place with, to eat, to jam in between her toes. She has always had it with her, and to her it is a comfort/security blanket deal for her. Hopefully, next week we will be writing a post "Ode to the Nasal Cannula" (the second stanza to "Ode to the Mic-Key" that we wrote back in July. As glad as we will be to get rid of it, I have a feeling that she will miss her good friend.

Love you, Addison! I hope you won't hate me too much when you grow up and realize exactly what I am writing about you on my computer every night....


  1. This was so sweet. I can tell she is very loved by her mommy and daddy:)


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