Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Representing Therapy through Pictures

Addison's Physical Therapist, Odette, comes once a week. We work on all manner of things.

This is a pictorial journey through today's therapy session.....

I am sitting on the other side of her, so this is often the view I see:

"Hmmmm, she just wants me to sit up, but wait 'til she finds out I can count, too."

"I can't decide which is more work- sitting up or looking cute"

"Yeah, I'd say...sitting up is harder work...definitely."

"Who is this making me work so hard, anyway? Oh, Hi, Odette."

Apparently Addison was sniffing something before therapy to help her get through....

"I like the crawling thing better than the sitting thing...this actually takes me places."

"Hi, mom."

trying to get away....(love Odette's expression here)

"Standing- so much work, but so much fun!"

"Oh, mom, you're still here?"

After therapy session, I'm sure this is what Addison thinks:
"All right Odette, you know I love you, but I just don't like you right now. You understand, right?"


  1. Sitting is way more work for her since she is too cute without any effort! Good job Addison, all that hard work is paying off!!!

  2. Ha ha, very cute!! And she is getting so strong! She looks so cute sitting up :)

  3. I love all your captions- there are few things that make me laught out loud, but this blog always does:) Give that sweet baby a kiss for me!

  4. I love your captions! They are too cute :) and thank you for letting her be a part of my video(which I will try to make tonight). She is gonna add some major cuteness to it!


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