Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Puff Princess

When I came home from work today, I found Addison sitting in her bumbo seat next to an open container of Sweet Potato puffs. After the PCA left, I started to take Addison out of the bumbo because she had been in it for close to an hour, and she normally is not a fan. She started crying when I tried to move her. She wanted to be in the bumbo. OK, I was fine with that. I left her there and went into the next room.

I hear crying so I thought maybe she was hungry. I got her a bottle. That made her cry harder. I got her some prune juice. Alligator tears started to appear. I couldn't figure out what she wanted until I remembered the open container of puffs.

I gave her a puff and she almost jumped out of the bumbo seat with excitement. She chomped and chomped while moving her jaw up and down with great delight. She was happy. She smiled. She clapped her hands.

30 seconds later, the puff was gone. You would think the biggest tragedy had just occurred. Screaming. Tears. Frantic waving of the hands...until a puff was put in her mouth again. It was so weird. She probably ate most of the container of puffs just since I have been home. Her nutritionalist said that they weren't really good for her/weren't really bad for her, so I didn't see a need to cut her off from the puffs. She has only stopped now because she is now thirsty and downing a bottle.

I tried to capture the spirit of the last three hours (yes, she has done this non stop for the last three hours) with my phone camera (sorry for the horrible other camera is out of batteries...)
"May I please have a puff?"

"You're clearly not moving fast enough, so I'm just going to help you..."


"So GOOD!"

"Ah, this is the life...lounging and being hand fed puffs...."

"More please"

(hundreds of puffs later)

"I don't understand why the puffs just stopped coming."

(after the demanded puff makes its appearance)
"Now we're talking..."

...and then we start all over again...hahaha...

Always unpredictable....that's my daughter! I guess we'll be buying more puffs tomorrow....not sure how long this obsession will last.


  1. Here I am laughing my head off again!! I am going to go buy Lily some puffs tonight!:)

  2. Haha that is too cute! "WAITER!" so cute

  3. LOL we had the same thing going on at our house tonight for banana puffs! Who knew those little tiny bits of food could cause so much drama!

  4. I hate to laugh at Addison's expense, but I just cracked up laughing at the pic of her mouth WIDE open crying over the puffs! Cute!!

  5. YAHOO! Way to GO! I wish she'd share her enthusiasm with Biggie!

  6. Haha I laughed out loud. She def knows what she wants.

  7. camden loves them too! they help him with eating his baby food...i have to bribe him with pups and mum mums...he gets so excited he starts to jump up and down and opens his mouth when he even sees the is fun! i so wish we lived closer!

  8. All of a sudden Claire LOVES puffs too. She won't hardly eat her carrots anymore, but her mouth opens right up for a puff... :)


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