Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Leg Warmers

Chubbs got her first pair of leg warmers today (in preparation for her upcoming surgery)....(thanks to Amy!) Of course, even though I only had a short hour between work and rehearsal, I had to get a few shots of Chubbs styling them. How could I manage this? Because I came home to find that the PCA had cleaned my house, done Chubbs' laundry and hung a painting that Chubbs had done on the fridge. I was able to spend the hour just being with Chubbs. So thankful for a wonderful PCA!

So here we go......I think she pulls them off...what do you think?

"Ok, can you see the legwarmer if I put my leg out like this?"
"I feel strangely gift wrapped...oh well, whoever upwraps this diaper must have been on Santa's naughty list...hehe"

"Watch for my downbeat"


"Huh, so that's my foot..."

"Puff break! It's time for a puff break!"
Love this little girl. It was a hard day thinking of the upcoming surgery. In one sense, I'm kind of glad we don't have a lot of time to sit and freak out about it.....


  1. What kind of surgery is she having? She is so cute and silly!

  2. Oh my! They are so cute!! I love the whole outfit...especially the "brain band". :)

  3. Whoa here Mom.... I thought we had an understanding about brain bands!


  4. ashley- she's having heart surgery in a couple of weeks in boston

    gwampa- i don't remembering signing any agreement to that end....

  5. OMG she is so adorable!!!! I so wish we lived closer, I would love to meet her :) in the meantime, I'll just adore and pinch her cheeks from afar!

  6. Addison looks so sweet in her outfit-and I love the leg warmers!


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