Monday, September 20, 2010

Heart Surgery #2

I started the day stressed. Tired from the very busy weekend, and stressed. I was supposed to run into work this morning to help out another teacher with his class, but Addison's PCA canceled on the extra day at the last minute so then I had to cancel last minute on my coworker. I hate doing that. Also thinking about how this entire week is taken up with musical practices and performances was just getting me down a little bit (even though I love doing it, I hate being away from Chubbs so much)

Then, Chubbs was just kind of in rare form today- fussy and needing lots of attention. I didn't mind the extra cuddling, but when I would put her down to try to get something done, I would hear pathetic sobs and large alligator tears would instantly appear.

Just as she was rocking out some green beans and I was envisioning stopping at Dunkin' Donuts to get a pumpkin spice coffee on the way to Addison's doctor's appointment and thinking that perhaps today wasn't so bad, my phone rang.

I saw the 617 (Boston) area code and knew immediately what the call was for. Yep, it was Children's Hospital scheduling Addison's heart surgery. But, unlike last time when they gave me a couple of different weeks as options, they gave me only one option- in two weeks. All of the testing will start on the 4th. Only problem is (not to mention how last minute this is), I still have three performance of the musical that I am playing left that I would miss. How do I do that????? I am pretty stressed and still not sure what to do about it. I asked if we could do another week, but the receptionist said that if we passed this slot up, the next one wasn't until November and Addison's chart read that we were to do this ASAP. It's bad enough to think about facing another heart surgery with your daughter. When you then have to deal with guilt on letting down an entire musical cast on top of that- it is just cruel. So, still not sure how I am going to gracefully handle this.

I'm headed off to dress rehearsal in a few minutes. I'm hoping inspiration will strike me on the way there....


  1. Our prayers are with you!! I'm sorry it's so last minute and incredibly inconvenient. But I'm glad that she will be in great hands in Boston and this will just help her be more comfortable and happier in the long run! And Oct. 4th is my birthday, so it's an extra special day when extra special prayers will be said ;)

  2. I know it must be tough for you...HUGS!

  3. OH, how unfair:( I will pray for you, I hope something else can be arranged..


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